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  1. cs550's Avatar
    Honestly I think it leaves a lot of nice room to decorate and add your own things(death house). I don't like the fire house. It's like going through a half burnt down apartment.
  2. myparkingonly's Avatar
    I like how the death house comes to life and kinda growls but it seems a little plain in side. i kinda wish it had something like the gobbler stuck in ice or it could be castle like other than a home. :P
  3. smartpants39's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by smartpants39
    and the fire house there should be fire dragons in the sky and in the basement a little like portal to the basement who agrees
  4. smartpants39's Avatar
    and the fire house there should be fire dragons in the sky and in the basement a little like portal to the basement who agrees
  5. pookie234's Avatar
    as long as you know what they can do, the houses are all fine and unique
  6. uuiuuu's Avatar
    i agree. they should add stuff like the wraith
  7. spidermine's Avatar
    I totally agree. They should do something about it. This is coming from a death student! [ P.S: they just had in game maintainence so I dont think this will change for a while]
  8. Cosmos's Avatar
    I agree with you. To make the death house better they should have added wraiths in the crypt or having it walk across the lawn or even having a scarecrow on the lawn. I also think the inside of the house needs something, it doesn't really give me a death feel. They could've added something like the chandalier falling when you get below it, paintings whos eyes follow you or maybe a ghost flying in and out of the house
  9. smellowen's Avatar
    I agree. I was looking forward to a dramatic death house after seeing good pictures of the other houses, and it just... isn't all that. Certainly not worth the amount of gold saving that would be needed to afford it in game. Live resident ghosts or wraiths ftw.
  10. drjoe's Avatar
    We'll get 60,000 gold. I know because the makers told me.
  11. 1trastogi's Avatar
    i hope we get at least 3,000 gold
  12. ktva's Avatar
    totally awesome!
  13. ktva's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by askmkl
    i know i cant wait! ihope we get a lot!!!!
    like i want a lot of gold dont you?
    yeah then i could buy whatever i want!
  14. wizerd619911's Avatar
  15. wizerd619911's Avatar
    Ya Nice chicken
  16. morgan7777's Avatar
    Yep! Lol. It is a day to be thankful!
  17. Mf99k's Avatar
    I knew we would get the pet. I checked facebook everyday and we gained like, 200 fans every day so I considered that we won a week before we did. I can't wait!
  18. sparkingflames123's Avatar
    this totally rocks danger hound and gold i wish we get a lot of gold!
  19. general114's Avatar
    IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GET MORE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. yakee's Avatar
    Lol nice chikin
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