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Info, advise, and announcments on wizard101 and other games.
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  1. The start of a new year

    by , 1-1-10 at 2:33:01 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    Happy new year everyone! I'm sooooooo excited to be here at the start of a new year, but that also means my subscription is a little more than half way over. Anyways, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
  2. Happy Holidays!

    by , 12-25-09 at 1:45:52 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    I just wanted to say happy holidays to all wiz101 central people out there and a happy new year!
  3. Danger Day

    by , 12-18-09 at 9:31:34 AM (Into the Cosmos)
    I don't know if im thinking wrong today, but i believe today is the day the danger hound challenge is stopped and the code should be given out in a few days.

    Updated 12-19-09 at 5:14:44 PM by Cosmos

  4. Death and Fire House dissappointment compared to others

    by , 12-4-09 at 11:50:32 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    I had a big smile and high hopes to see the school houses, especially death, but that smile was ripped off my face at the compareson to the other school houses.
    I don't know if it's just me but i think that the death and fire are lacking space and interesting qualities. I mean the others have cool statues or the school mosters in the back-ground. While death and fire have little space, about five rooms each, and the only thing that interests me in the death house is the furnaceand the moving ...

    Updated 12-8-09 at 9:29:13 AM by Cosmos

  5. Thanksgiving is here!

    by , 11-26-09 at 12:02:58 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    Happy Thanksgiving to all wizard101 players out there!
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