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  1. Dusting off the ol' Blog and Reminiscing

    by , 1-10-19 at 5:31:37 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    This seems to be a rarely utilized part of the forum nowadays. It's to be expected I suppose; the game's peak seems to have come and gone a few years ago.

    Still, it's nice to see what I was like all those years ago -- posting blog entries back in 2010 as you would expect from a growing kid. Spelling errors, grammar errors, errors, errors, and more errors. And the color scheme! A black background with red font to make reading all the more difficult. If I can't even understand my own ...

    Updated 1-10-19 at 5:35:05 PM by Cosmos (EVEN MORE ERRORS)

  2. Treasures in Practice Matches = What?!

    by , 3-2-14 at 12:20:03 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    Some things are best left for ranked. After all, when you are playing a "lvl10 only" practice match, I don't think that whipping out a skeletal dragon and a frost giant are the most intelligent way to spend them. This is considering that it wasn't even life or death yet. That is unless, I'm missing something XD. Maybe the "FALCON HAMMER!" by the frost giant is what enticed him to do so.

    And I would've won it too if it weren't for those meddling treasures! ...

    Updated 3-2-14 at 12:21:27 PM by Cosmos

  3. And So the Immaturity Continues...

    by , 5-13-13 at 10:52:01 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    You know, playing a lot of MMO games have made me realize how harsh communities can be. That being said, after about a month of not playing wiz101, I logged back on to my lvl 10 storm. I put my rusty pvp skills to the test, taking on a lvl 22 ice wizard. It was a close match to say the least. Ice wyverns and storm sharks flying. After about 15 turns or so of me keeping pace with him, he started whipping out the treasures. First a colossus, then into a stormzilla, shortly followed by the all mighty ...
  4. Change of Mind

    by , 3-13-13 at 10:59:53 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    I check the forums every week or so, and have just been witnessing the stream of packs coming out the KI offices. I'm not making this a rant by any means. I, in fact supported them when a lot of people didn't for the first 3 or so. But I think it has gone a bit too far. I'm not saying a company making money is bad by any means, nor am I saying that having some hoard packs for revenue is bad. I merely saying that it just seems to me that they should focus more on what most people pay for (the story), ...
  5. What is a Blog?

    by , 2-12-13 at 11:00:08 PM (Into the Cosmos)
    A blog is something to express yourself, something to vent on, something to believe in.
    I had even barely remember that i had a blog before on this site. i guess since im a sort of on-off wiz101 player i dont spend much time looking at things related to it. I even remember back to the MiltonTS days. Haha yeah, him getting mad at me for making my posts not all wiz101 related. Oh yeah the days of the blog moderator. Those were good times (besides the 1 year blog renewal).
    I didnt know ...
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