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this blog will be dedicated to basically any tips in wizard101 and events that happen. Atleast for now.:diablo:

  1. Schools preview.

    by , 8-23-09 at 7:24:39 AM (Hyper dudez Blog!)
    [COLOR=Cyan][COLOR=Black]This is only my opinion below and others opinions may vary (about the overall rating)[/COLOR]

    Ice[/COLOR]- Ice has very high defenses, the highest health that can reach a maximum of around 3500 with the right gear. However ice lacks good damage. with a good ice colossus and good blades, you can reach 6000+ damage. It depends on your second school how good this school will be, you can make up for low attacks by choosing storm or fire as your secondary. overall ...

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  2. Hyper dudez Blog officialy open!

    by , 8-23-09 at 6:44:23 AM (Hyper dudez Blog!)
    Hey, i bought a blog which will be about anything related to W101! Like telling you events that happened, tips about winning battles, and how to use your school to its potential. So that being said, chill! till i post.:13: