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  1. Tell me what you want already!

    by , 9-23-09 at 9:54:16 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    Okay, I've gotten no comments, no responses, or anything! I'm getting kinda annoyed. BTW, I'll make the edit from the Facebook challenge.

    Anyways, I'm a blank slate, waiting to be filled with ideas, and yet no one is giving me any good ideas! Why? Can't anyone at least spare one good idea to me?

    If you need me, I'll be thinking about leaving again.
  2. I'm staying!

    by , 9-10-09 at 5:54:04 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    Well, after a long, hard, and boring think session, I'm staying!

    Not only did people want me to stay, but I had to empty my PM box! TWICE! (Hehe. Just kidding! In reality, I didn't get any responses.)

    Well, now that I'm staying, I've decided to add some more content!

    So, what content should I add? You decide!

    Until then, I'll be asking for help from people.

    *cue confetti, balloons, and mariachi band*
  3. It looks like we're gonna get the Gold + More sad news

    by , 9-2-09 at 11:05:00 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    Yup. It looks like the only thing we'll get is the Gold. :(

    As for me, I'm gonna try and do some random stuff on Wizard 101. I'll post pictures if I make some.

    *sighs* This might be my last post. If you don't want me to quit blogging, then post why here! (BTW, If I end up quitting blogging, then I'll gift the blog to someone, so it doesn't go to waste. DO NOT ASK FOR THIS BLOG!! If you do, you won't get it.)

    The reason why I might quit blogging is because ...
  4. Wizard101 Facebook Fans CHALLENGE!

    by , 8-26-09 at 5:22:57 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    By now, you've probably heard all the good news about the Facebook Challenge. Well, if you haven't, here's the link: [URL]http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?t=24455[/URL]

    Anyways, why I'm posting this is to help the Challenge. Here's how it's going to work:

    If we get the 2,500 Gold, I'll make a brand new edit!

    If we get the Hammock, I'll have a Party in my antique-filled Basement.

    If we get the Danger Hound, I'll duel 10 people ...

    Updated 8-27-09 at 6:36:42 PM by elusivehawk

  5. Time to Set Up your Deck + More Bad News

    by , 8-25-09 at 9:00:45 PM (The Pyromancer's Protege)
    First, the Bad News: The world's weakest Flare has been CANCELLED! Oh, and I've been really lazy, which would explain the post shortage.

    Now, it's time to SET UP YOUR DECK!

    Here's what cards to pack into your Deck:

    Vitals: (i.e. Tower Shield, Pixie, Satyr, Rebrith, etc.) Fill with the maximum number of copies of Cards that you can.

    Not-So-Vitals: (i.e. Sunbird, Fire Elf, Meteor Strike, Fire Elemental, etc.) Take the maximum number of copies, ...

    Updated 8-25-09 at 9:05:54 PM by elusivehawk

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