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  1. Time for new Gear?

    By the time one gets into WT and CL still sporting the Jacket of Withstanding, one begins to question things.
    Things like:
    Am I sane?
    Why does Storm have about 23 natural health while my Ice had 22,356,754?
    And the last question:
    Why is it 10 more lvls to WW, the place where I will actually upgrade my sad stuff?
    Ah yes. The mysteries of the spiral.
  2. Plans!

    Though up my new adventure for the summer!
    Introducing: Tales of a Hobo Wiz
    Now not hobo as in homeless. Hobo as in working traveler.
    I will be using team up for all dungeons.
    No stitching on this wiz! whatever the best dropped stuff gotten is, that is what they will use.
    I like to box. Not happening with this wiz. This will be all about the journey.
    I am excited!
    Now, to think of a name for this wiz!
    I will try to get pictures with all the ...

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    Team Up Wizard Tales
  3. So not dramatic...... or, 1st world problems.

    Why did the internet box have to fall? Why do I have no hotspots? At least I know why I am wiz deprived today.....
    ~goes into withdrawal symptoms and lays on the floor, fetal position~
  4. Breathing Easy

    I have come to the conclusion that some people need to argue to breathe. Akin, but not the same are those that need to complain to breathe. While often times these are traits present in an individual, they can be independent and sole traints in a person. They are however very magnetic and pull towards each other.
    There are many people in the world and in social media that turn to others with and without this disorder to fulfill this need. They are like vampires, thirsty for blood, and those ...
  5. Teams

    I tend to main quest my wizards in teams. It makes things go a bit quicker. It is also faster paced. thinking of what 2-4 wizards will do in 30 seconds makes it more interesting to me.
    I soloed my first wizard though Zafaria, but ended up deleting it out of wanting a new look on my death wiz.
    Teams are a big part of my gameplay. The dynamics between the schools is interesting to me, and I find it fun to try various combinations.
    On the thread, What did you accomplish today? ...

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