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  1. Children of the Tree, Raven and Spider

    *Mirage Spoilers*
    Just an amusing little theory.

    Bartlby's children are- The Ice Giant, the Storm Triton and the Fire Dragons.
    -The Elemental Schools.

    Grandfather Spider's children are- The Rat, the Scorpion and the Bat. All shadow with other school weaknesses and strengths.
    -Arguably, akin to Balance.

    Grandmother Raven's child is Mellori is Life. But, is that her only child? Does she have the the Spirit children?
    I mean,
  2. Gear Stats Delay Theroy.

    This was a really interesting and helpful post by @Angel Eyes that I wanted to keep somewhere I could find and maybe let others who might have missed it buried in a thread. Thank you @Angel Eyes for sharing this and @Ultra and friends for the work on this!
    Quote Originally Posted by Angel Eyes View Post
    A long time ago, in an internet argument far far away, @Ultra posted some curious findings about what happens when you change your gear setup inside a dungeon.
  3. ✨Alchemists

    I Think I might be crazy......

    Welcome to the Alchemists
    Pick a side and join the cause!

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  4. Chapter One: Away!

    Black: Is made up crazy by me to connect and add to the story.
    Blue: Word for word what the dialog said on the date this is posted.

    Red: Small edits, mostly changing you to he, him to flow with the story writing style.
    ***Blue note: For the test, I edited the comas, question marks in to make it more readable

    Chapter One

    Blake pulls his backpack on and slips out the window. His parents were gone and he was on his own. He had

    Updated 6-3-16 at 5:18:03 AM by Spellbinder

    Saving the Spiral
  5. Another Adventure Comes

    Woot! Summer is one week away!
    With down time and also finishing up my Storm and Life team soon, I get to work on a project I have been planning. My Team up wizard. Should be interesting.
    Now, originally, I was going to have this wiz earn all the areas for free. My other accounts are all crowns and I have been thinking about getting a membership to take part in all the fun stuff like free tournaments and double rewards. I am currently thinking about combining this team up wiz, the ...

    Updated 5-22-16 at 6:14:07 AM by Spellbinder

    Team Up Wizard Tales
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