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This is The Blog!!!! Aka my blog ^^" Here I post stuff about things in my life, Wizard101 things, but mostly clan things. Yes, you probably all know I'm clan obsessed. So, I post things here about clans. Mostly mine, but still, I'll post things about other clans :D From time to time...

Fallon out!

  1. The Kingdom of Magi

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Fall View Post
    Well, I'm proud to say that our clan house is random visitor approved. I'm elated!!!


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  2. The Kingdom of Magi

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Fall View Post

    All credit goes to @Expelliarmus for the wonderful banner! Check out her shop here.

    We are a Kingdom run by 5 heroes after the King and Queen were taken by Malignant, a small, evil kingdom. They rose from the ashes of their old empire and soon began to get jealous
  3. Hey there...

    Sooo I haven't done a blog post in a while...I have a few updates with myself:

    -I have rejected my blue hair and am wearing a wig 24/7
    -I am level 25 on my Diviner :D
    -I have my permanent sig+avi, thanks so much for the incredibly amazing graphics, @Camille! My permanent profile picture was beautifully made by @Princess Anna
    -Along with my new wig, I'm wearing Archangel's robe and elegant shoes as a regular style and I'm disgusted with myself
    -Scar has a new, ...

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  4. Battle School

    Quote Originally Posted by Toph2725 View Post
    Battle School
    An Ender's Game Roleplay Clan


    You Do Not Have To Have Seen The Ender's Game Movie Or Have Read The Ender's Game Book To Join! You Just Have To Understand The Plot And Have Fun!

    Hey! You!

    Yes, You!

    How Would You Like To Attend Battle School?

    Years Ago, The Buggers Invaded Earth, So Now, 2077, We Need You To Stop All Future Wars With The Buggers! This Will Include Educating About The Wars,
  5. o_o..

    I haven't posted here in forevah D: I decided to stop the person of the week since I really don't have time for it x.x I'll post here occasionally but I have a lot to do, like run a clan, be active in two other clans, write some articles, check on my moshi monster, check youtube for new videos (have you seen Saturday by Rebecca Black??) and that's just on the comp...I also have music lessons irl and don't get me started on school...well yeah gtg for yep music lessons.. so yeah I'll post here occasionally. ...
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