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Random short stories/poetry.

  1. Cyrus Drake and the Laundry Machine

    Cyrus Drake was a stoic man, and was prepared for anything. He was a Ravenwood Professor; the myth one at that, the school that is literally about turning myths into reality; fiction into nonfiction. He knew to expect the unexpected.

    Unfortunately, there was one constant interference that disturbed all notions of "expected" and "order": Jasmine FireBlade.

    Here she was, in his classroom, with what appeared to be some sort of very strange...box?
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  2. Infallible

    She had thought she was infallible,
    Having won battles with ease
    Her victory assured.

    Then the meteor strikes,
    And the sky falls
    Taking the world with it
    She had been too late
    Her efforts had been for naught
    And everyone was dead.

    She had failed,
    For the first time
    Her sorrow and despair were palpable
    For an entire race was gone
    And only then, had she realized,
    Maybe she wasn't so infallible
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  3. Wanderer

    Do you ever feel
    alone and uncertain
    walking upon an unfamiliar path
    into an unfamiliar land
    with no idea where you're going
    and yet
    you're still unable to turn back
    no matter how much you want to
    you yearn for the past
    but time only flows forwards
    and so you continue to walk these crossroads
    without a destination in mind
    only trying to find a place to belong.
  4. The Orthrus Did It

    Cyrus Drake narrowed his eyebrows. "Oh?" He asked, seeming genuinely interested in what I had to say.

    I gulp slightly and nervously stutter, 'T-the orthrus did it, Cyrus, I swear!"

    Cyrus Drake rolled his eyes, then turned to glare at me. Go figure he'd know I was lying. "Classic excuse indeed, Megan. Meet me after today in detention." And with that, he walked away from me.

    I sighed inwardly. Save the Spiral and get detention for not
  5. Malistare's Musings

    Malistare growled furiously, somewhere in the depths of Dragonspyre.

    Ambrose was a fool. Always jumping to conclusions. Even using a CHILD as his very own slave, doing all the dirty work while Ambrose twiddles his thumbs!

    Malistare was not out to "rule the Spiral" as so proclaimed by the petty excuse of a headmaster. He only wanted peace. Happiness. He wanted Sylvia.

    He wasn't some cliche villain out to "rule the world" only to fail in the

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