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  1. SavannahDarkHeart's Avatar

    Updated 2-12-13 at 4:26:44 PM by SavannahDarkHeart
  2. lulutimothy's Avatar
    I love it!
  3. SavannahDarkHeart's Avatar
    For hatch requests, please dont send me private messages. Please visit my profile page and send me a message there.
    I would greatly appreciate that!
    Thanks a bunch! Aloha, Savannah DarkHeart
  4. SavannahDarkHeart's Avatar
    Just wanted to say "Thank you!" to everyone that replied to my post. I apologize for not being able to respond to your picture comments, etc... Central would not allow me to respond to picture comments until i had 10 posts D:
    For those of you that requested a hatch...
    Sure thing! My character's name is Savannah DarkHeart and I am normally always in the Wizard City Pet Pavilion, Unicorn Realm, Area One. Hit me up in the game! Hope to see you there! THANKS A BUNCH! Aloha!
  5. FuzzyWuzzy's Avatar
    This is impressive! I am definitely interested in hatching with you (:
  6. SavannahDarkHeart's Avatar
    guess i'm required to post a comment before i can answer visitor messages :P Ha ha, I'm learning.... :P