Dys/functional adventures


Blah... Well, I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out settings for a lot of other things on my own. I don't like guides on this stuff, because it means I get to mess around.

Anyway, you'll get to see a glimpse of what's been going on that I like to share through this blog. Honestly, with what I want to post, I'm afraid of spamming the off-topic section a little too much. lol

Wish me luck on this. Have fun reading!


  1. A Writer's Works

    by , 7-14-14 at 2:51:56 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Anyone is free to leave a comment on here. I'll go ahead and approve it.

    Here's all of what I'm doing for my works of writing:
    Over on Pirate101 Central, @Milt was kind enough to reopen Retribution. Though I can't continue it after the entire thing with the SPIRAL SHADOWS that I had, any comments on it are welcome over there, or on here in this blog post. I'll answer whatever question might be had to my best degree.

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    A Writer's Works
  2. Best conversation with a friend

    by , 7-13-14 at 11:26:08 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    People know me in real life. I was talking with a friend over $kype late one night, and decided to go and do this to a friend...

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  3. Gracie graces Grace

    by , 7-4-14 at 4:05:42 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by Legendary Rose View Post
    One day, Gracie came into the commons. When Grace introduced herself, she graced Gracie with her presence. While Gracie was graced by Grace, Gracie Conrad was in Aquila smashing some random bronze eagle. Gracie graced Grace in return for Grace's grace, and soon both ended up with a set of treasure cards. Gracie gracing Grace caused Grace's grace to be graced to return Gracie's grace, and soon both were graced by both Graces.
    I feel so much like a grammar fiend now.
  4. Graphic much?

    by , 7-4-14 at 2:04:04 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
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    Is it like that moment in Finding Nemo with Bruce?
  5. The Hunger Games: REMIXED!

    by , 7-3-14 at 9:50:12 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by Highlander of Avalon View Post
    Taking the leader chance you gave me. XD

    Wizards name: Emma Stormshade, Keira Ashshard, Brooke Hexgrove and three others I don't even remember the names of
    Type of chat: Text
    Why do you want to join: Because I'm shy as heck, clans are really fun, and @Legendary Rose volunteered me. That, and I love the Hunger Games. So. Much.
    Preferred District/Group: Oho, first choice is 3 because I'm all about the technology.
    Timezones: Eastern
    Pineapple?: Tropics
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