Dys/functional adventures


Blah... Well, I'm beginning to get the hang of it.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to figure out settings for a lot of other things on my own. I don't like guides on this stuff, because it means I get to mess around.

Anyway, you'll get to see a glimpse of what's been going on that I like to share through this blog. Honestly, with what I want to post, I'm afraid of spamming the off-topic section a little too much. lol

Wish me luck on this. Have fun reading!


  1. ********************SPOIL ERS******************** heh heh...

    by , 7-27-14 at 5:45:47 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by Mythical Iron View Post
    I did this on Twitter earlier today, but I decided that I'd take it a notch further just for fun...
    This afternoon, I was doing my daily check of the game's .wad files, and I came across the most revealing spoilers yet... These could be a huge part of the storyline in the next arc...
  2. -Insert scream of frustrating anger here-

    by , 7-27-14 at 5:40:26 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by AaronDrakewalker View Post
    Best reply ever.

    Digging through old screenshot threads. This was funny on a bad One-Mil attempt with Mark. XD
  3. Whoops... hehe

    by , 7-15-14 at 5:38:13 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Playing a platform-zombie game right now. Last Stand: Union City. My luck level is through the roof, and I picked up every drop from a zombie carrying a bag of supplies. I also managed to press "Take all" in a couple of scenarios while searching through a container.

    This weapon has thrown off the weight of things I'm carrying in my backpack, and it is unable to be equipped. I seem to have found something special.

    Name:  Buggedweapon1.jpg
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    Trying ...
  4. TEDtalk

    by , 7-15-14 at 3:59:29 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Boy, would I looooove to give one if they ever came 'round to my area for it.
    Probably would be scared outta my mind, but what the heck? lol

    I know, I'm an influence to people in some way, shape or form. Some good, some bad, others neutral. But wouldn't that make it none? Or do we really know?

    Me, I've grown up in the midwest. I've lived in the same house all of my life, and been through a lot of nastiness. 'Course, I ain't no adult... yet.
    Growing up where ...
  5. They're blocked again...

    by , 7-15-14 at 3:00:04 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by flash33 View Post
    Here's what KI should be considering doing (keep in mind that this is what Riot Games Inc. does for situations like this):

    Quote Originally Posted by WookieCookie (Player Support Lead - Player Behavior)
    We're not going to remove features from our game because certain players are jerks and choose to abuse them.

    We will not remove emotes because someone would spam them from start to finish to be a jerk. Instead we would remove the jerk.

    We will not remove chat because someone would use it to harass and annoy other players. Instead we would
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