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  1. They're blocked again...

    by , 7-15-14 at 3:00:04 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by flash33 View Post
    Here's what KI should be considering doing (keep in mind that this is what Riot Games Inc. does for situations like this):

    Quote Originally Posted by WookieCookie (Player Support Lead - Player Behavior)
    We're not going to remove features from our game because certain players are jerks and choose to abuse them.

    We will not remove emotes because someone would spam them from start to finish to be a jerk. Instead we would remove the jerk.

    We will not remove chat because someone would use it to harass and annoy other players. Instead we would
  2. Gracie graces Grace

    by , 7-4-14 at 4:05:42 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by Legendary Rose View Post
    One day, Gracie came into the commons. When Grace introduced herself, she graced Gracie with her presence. While Gracie was graced by Grace, Gracie Conrad was in Aquila smashing some random bronze eagle. Gracie graced Grace in return for Grace's grace, and soon both ended up with a set of treasure cards. Gracie gracing Grace caused Grace's grace to be graced to return Gracie's grace, and soon both were graced by both Graces.
    I feel so much like a grammar fiend now.
  3. Graphic much?

    by , 7-4-14 at 2:04:04 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Name:  blank.jpg
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    Is it like that moment in Finding Nemo with Bruce?
  4. The Hunger Games: REMIXED!

    by , 7-3-14 at 9:50:12 AM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Quote Originally Posted by Highlander of Avalon View Post
    Taking the leader chance you gave me. XD

    Wizards name: Emma Stormshade, Keira Ashshard, Brooke Hexgrove and three others I don't even remember the names of
    Type of chat: Text
    Why do you want to join: Because I'm shy as heck, clans are really fun, and @Legendary Rose volunteered me. That, and I love the Hunger Games. So. Much.
    Preferred District/Group: Oho, first choice is 3 because I'm all about the technology.
    Timezones: Eastern
    Pineapple?: Tropics
  5. Clanwork

    by , 7-2-14 at 11:58:49 PM (Dys/functional adventures)
    Okay.... Yeah... I'm gonna do this. Wondering... how will I do it? lol.

    I don't know as of yet. I'll figure it out soon enough. Hopefully, library skills helped me enough to really act as a bit more of a leader than I really think I have been. lol

    This is gonna be a random test of a mention but... @mary rainbowgem
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