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  1. Pancake Reviews posted in blog only

    by , 9-1-12 at 2:44:42 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    Chris Heart asked that I place the reviews in the blog, so no problem to that! :)

    Pancake Reviews will no longer have their own thread, I look foward to making more reviews! :D
  2. Pancake Review #17

    by , 8-31-12 at 11:32:46 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    [CENTER][B][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Hey guys! You know what YOU can be?[/FONT][/B]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6W0IEhy0-A"][COLOR=#0066cc]Spongebob Hall Monitor Music for ~10 Minutes - YouTube[/COLOR][/ame][/CENTER]
    [CENTER][B][FONT=Trebuchet MS]Hall monitors! Secret agents in the world of Wizard101, holy cow! Because that's what they are, [I]secret agents protecting the world from vulgar users of the spiral. [/I]I do feel it is a bit ...
  3. Pancake Review #16

    by , 8-30-12 at 5:25:29 PM (Pancake Review Blog)

    [B]Drop a comment here or at the main topic![/B]
  4. Pancake Review: Shopping Spree cancellation.

    by , 8-25-12 at 12:48:34 AM (Pancake Review Blog)
    Unfortunately the contest had to be cancelled. You can still enter a contest for 300 FG and a chance to win a Hoard Pack of choice.
  5. Pancake Review: Mini Shopping Spree

    by , 8-19-12 at 10:03:05 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    [quote=Captain Pancakes;3962079]I have 3500 crowns left, so since I really don't need them, I'll do a small raffle. Just mention "Syrup" and you are entered in the raffle. You can win up to 1,875 items in crowns!

    [U]What do you want to spend them on?[/U]
    ~ You can redeem them all on Hoard packs if your stubborn ( :P )
    ~ Buy some furniture
    ~ Buy some plants
    ~ Get the Tag Game or Zeke's Scavenger Hunt game
    ~ Buy a small wand

    Anything ...
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