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  1. Pancake Review #24: Azteca

    by , 3-2-13 at 9:02:45 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    [U] Pancake Review #24: Azteca[/U]
    After completely finishing Azteca, I, Captain Pancakes, will unveil my complete thoughts about this very complicated world. Let us discuss, shall we?
    Now, what I thought about this world was incredibly mixed. I know this was supposed to be a huge increase in challenge. I didnít like the sudden boost in difficulty. Avalon was manageable; completely solo-able. Avalon had a decent mix of difficulty but it was still manageable as Wizard101 is a family orientated ...
  2. Pancake Review: Kingsisle's Spotlight [Best Updates & Worst Updates of 2012]

    by , 12-27-12 at 2:27:33 AM (Pancake Review Blog)
    Kingsisle has made some great updates this year! 2012 ruled! Sort of, this is the list of the best and worst updates KI has made in MY opinion. This isn't necessarily feedback, because what's done is done, but I hope we can all have a nice discussion about what the best and worst was. Oh yeah, since no one will probably comment, I'd post this at the Fairegrounds too. Love witty humor.

    [B]BEST LIST:[/B]

    #5: Tag Housing Game
    I really liked this first housing game. ...
  3. Nothing to see here, don't read.

    by , 12-27-12 at 2:27:32 AM (Pancake Review Blog)
    Whoops! Pancakes made a duplicate post! So there's nothing to see here, told ya! :P

    Updated 12-27-12 at 3:48:18 AM by Captain Pancakes

  4. Pancake Review #23

    by , 12-26-12 at 4:55:46 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    [CENTER]It's like W101 PvP. Sort of, no, not really, it's way different. No pictures for this one, because I'm soooo lazy. I'm reviewing P101 PvP to make up for never reviewing P101, and if I review it now it'll probably be too late

    [B][U]So what's the PvP system like now?[/U][/B]
    Well, as of 12/25/12, the PvP system is only like a Practice PvP. There is no ranked and the PvP is only in beta mode. The P101 PvP system is the regular battle system; not in the sky but on the ground, ...
  5. Happy Holidays!

    by , 12-24-12 at 11:01:03 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    Happy holidays everyone! Enjoy Christmas and eat lots of pancakes!
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