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  1. Captain Pancakes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Darren
    that doesnt even looks like a rat.
    uh ok
    i do believe i didn't really mean it looked like a rat
    but uh ok
    Updated 6-7-13 at 10:31:21 PM by Captain Pancakes
  2. Captain Pancakes's Avatar
    Lol, I thought it was getting a tiny bit popular, until they saddened me by saying put it in your blog xD

    (thanks :3)
  3. ~Sunny~'s Avatar
    Too bad the mods didn't like it... it would have been good.

    (don't really mind the late reply xD)
  4. Captain Pancakes's Avatar
    Thanks for reading! Unfortunately a mod PM'ed me saying to limit the reviews in my blog.

    (sort of late reply )
  5. ~Sunny~'s Avatar
    This was a really helpful post. Thank you (:

    P.S. You should post a thread for it.... it would be popular.
  6. Captain Pancakes's Avatar
    (Hey, I haven't seen you in awhile :3)

    The Tiger is epic <3
  7. DustyCat's Avatar

    FEAR THE FUZZY CI!!!!!!!!!!!!