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  1. Pancake Review #28

    by , 6-1-13 at 9:41:09 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    [CENTER]Something is wrong here... is that a rat on my head?

    [I]No... I thought it was.[/I]

    [B][U]The Hairstyles[/U][/B]
    Okay, so, it's been a long time since these burrows came out and I think I probably should have reviewed these earlier, but I'm lazy and only do these reviews when I feel up to it. But jeez Kingsisle, these are hideous...

    [video=youtube;kc9W2LrFPZM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kc9W2LrFPZM[/video] ...
  2. Pancake Review #27

    by , 5-13-13 at 9:37:55 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    [CENTER]I procrastinate a ridiculous amount.


    I love wing mounts. I have the Swiftshadow, can't get crowns so I spam getting the Seraph rental with gold, want the Dragon Wings really badly but couldn't get them from a Dragon Hoard when I HAD crowns, and another wing mount comes out, which is cool and sparks an interest in my syrup bottle. This is really weird though. There are so many mechanical ...
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  3. Pancake Review #26

    by , 4-6-13 at 7:58:49 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    [CENTER]Slow and steady wins the race!
    [I]Lack of inspiration, the picture can talk for me.[/I]

    Reviewing today... the Slowpoke Sloth! Get ready for cute undefined!


    The Slowpoke Sloth is the new mount that came a few days ago as part of Kingsisle's April Fools addition. Thank god this wasn't ...
  4. Pancake Review #25

    by , 3-19-13 at 5:06:04 PM (Pancake Review Blog)
    I am disappoint, Kingsisle. Very disappoint.
    [I]Even this girl can understand my moments of frustration that I am feeling right now. [/I]

    The Dragonís Hoard, uh, I mean the Wyvern, uh no, the Keeperís Lore, wait, no, I got it; [I]Shamanís[/I] Lore Pack is a new (hardly) hoard pack that came out. Iíll ...
  5. Bought $99.99 iBeats headphones.

    by , 3-11-13 at 1:36:56 AM (Pancake Review Blog)
    I have no idea why. I'm probably better off buying the big ones cause I heard the iBeats were really weak and didn't last long, but they looked really cool lol. Don't fail me iBeats, :)
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