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  1. roldover's Avatar
    Wow, the first on is good!
  2. llenos's Avatar
    how can i post my own blog sorry im new /:
  3. tysonpinder123's Avatar
    MUahhaha This is funny to me
  4. quwayne's Avatar
    i can't do it
  5. alygator1115's Avatar
    XD i tried the first one and guess what? my friends and i all got a good laugh outta that! :P
  6. Jas's Avatar
    I remember Cyclops Lane the first time I did it. I thought it was epic. (I do this isn't your first time through it, at least I think I do xD)
  7. Morgsters's Avatar
  8. Morgsters's Avatar
    nice!!!! congratz on the blog!!!
  9. lukin's Avatar
    More and more people are lvling up their forgotten about WC pets. Kind of nostalgic bringing out what could have been your first pet and reconnecting with it.
  10. Umbreon's Avatar
    Just this blog . I never really bought many pets or anything.
  11. Jas's Avatar
    Hmm, maybe I should do that... Since we can't have them on there's no point in not getting a refund...
  12. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Really? How much stuff did you buy from the store? Just curious... Now, everyone's gonna wanna get their money back.... *Sigh* xD
  13. Umbreon's Avatar
    Well, you know how they took the badges and pets away? I asked for my FG back and he gave it to me. And with that FG I bought a blog.
  14. Snow Goddess's Avatar
    Cool! Congrats!

    What do you mean by:
    thanks to Jester for giving me my FG back to make this possible!