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  1. restarting?

    the year is ending and i've got two weeks to blow before graduation so i decided to rejoin wiz and start leveling a new char.
    i think it's partially because i can't play the games i want to since i'm stuck with a mac, and also cause i need something to pass the time.
    it feels weird though, i'm so much older than everyone who plays and it kind of makes me sad. oh how it would be to be 15 again.

    we'll see how it goes. i picked life since i've never made one before.
  2. senior year

    kinda felt like writing a little tonight so we'll see how this goes.
    last time i blogged i believe it was a couple months before school started back up again and i've been extremely busy. i'm pretty sure most people here are probably way younger than me cause i started playing wiz about 7 years ago when i was 14, so obviously i'm now in college. this is my senior year and it's been really nice so far?

    this semester i've already gotten a lot of my gen eds out of the way so most ...

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  3. summer lovin'

    hey guys,
    so it's been a monthish into summer and things are going pretty well. last time i blogged was in january so it's been a really long time. just wanted to check in with you guys and see how you were doing. a lot has happened for me in the whatever five months it's been. i told you guys about the trip i was taking for spring break overseas and it turned out to be a lot of fun. it was semi-frustrating because of the language barrier, not as many people speak english as you'd think. but ...
  4. good vibes ☮

    i've had the most stressful week ever.
    but it's also been one of the best weeks ever.
    and one of the busiest.
    i've had so much going on so apologies this is probably going to be a long post.
    last semester i lived on a dorm that was kind of like a mini apartment, we had a kitchen and living room and stuff. my roommate is fab but we weren't really feeling the whole dorm situation. so on monday they opened up room change requests and we submitted ours and then moved in to our ...
  5. level 10 death pvp experience

    i've been wanting to do some more wiz related posts cause i know the majority of my blog never really mentions it much.
    so i thought i would start with my latest, semi complete project.
    i recently came back to wiz at the end of november because of a good friend of mine. we started and leveled some chars to 50 for pvp. i wasn't really feelin mine so i was like hey i think i'm gonna make my next char a death.
    we both ended up making a death, and he suggested we level them to ten ...
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