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  1. Pew Pew Pew

    So let's continue looking at talent dominance and apply it to a hatch thread on central, group hatching setting and a self hatching setting.

    So for the beginning you know your bringing 10 talents and whoever you hatch with brings 10 talents. You may have some talents in common you may not. That is a possible 20 talents that the game will randomly pick from to create your new egg. Kinda crazy huh?

    1. Threads on central

    They can be a great tool but a nightmare ...

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  2. Why I Love Flamingos

    So let's talk talent dominance in base pets.

    First you need a small understanding of genetics:

    1. What is talent dominance?

    Like in all organisms we have some traits/genes that are more likely to pop. Its the same in pets. For example any one who ever had pips o plenty pop can tell you for lots of generations to come that talent haunted them. It was dominant.

    2. What is talent recessive?

    Ever hatch a pet and some talent you did not ...

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  3. I Hate Math

    So next topic is people love to ask:

    1. What are maxed stats?
    It just means strength, intellect, agility, will and power are as high as the game allows. Which happens to be 255, 250, 260, 260, 250.

    2. What is this word clean pool mean?
    Its means to that person their pets pool is clean of undesirable talents. As you can guess many people can have a different view on what is clean and what is not, so one person's clean pool is another's dirty pool. ...

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  4. When Nerds Attack

    I decided to make a blog series with general pet advice. It might just be notes to myself about a pattern I saw while developing a project to the general basics and up.

    So start off let's do some basics that people are always asking about:

    1. What does pedigree mean?
    Look at your pet and count all the dots for epic, ultra-rare, rare, common, uncommon for your derby side and talent side then add 20 (you add one for every slot (10) on talents and 10 for all ...
  5. Making a pet from scratch 2

    Here is a link to part one:


    If this part I am now raising stats to the new maxed stats and trying to keep my talents of damage as I go.

    Hatch one is to try and get a damage talent popping and the stats to raise.


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