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  1. Oh no I forgot one!

    Well since October last year (2012) I have been working on and off on maxing out the banshee pets and getting certain talents on them as well. I only have one completely finished and the other 3 (boss, blue, life) are well on there way but today made a discovery. I saw while looking in wiki that there is a banshee I do not have... Jaw drops...
    A RED BANSHEE, how could I have missed one? Well here is plan now, once I get the other 3 done will offer all 4 banshee's in hatches for red banshee. ...

    Updated 3-29-13 at 5:45:48 PM by *Erin*

  2. Getting priorities in order

    Well last saturday a dear friend of mine passed away. I will always miss my fun size girl, Ronda was really a breathe of fresh air to anyone she met. Her infectious laugh could not be contained and her over the top personality for somone short like me was 10 feet tall. I will miss you girly and all the fun times we had.

    I was kinda depressed to say the least this week had way too much stuff loaded on me in a short week. Will not cover all the other exciting junk that happened ...

    Updated 1-19-13 at 12:46:00 PM by *Erin*

  3. Unhatchables

    Well to start off think I should tell you some facts:

    Fact One: I do not think I am entitled to great hatches.
    Fact Two: I do not think my pet is better than yours.
    Fact Three: I do have OCD, so I like schedules.
    Fact Four: I help about 5 people on weekends mostly with either making a max stats pet, getting a certain talent, or we hatch pets we don't have to each other.
    Fact Five: I hatch mostly on weekends.
    Fact Six: If I have a hatch thread up you can ...

    Updated 1-10-13 at 10:13:11 PM by *Erin*

  4. New Year's

    Well I have a few resolutions of my own and find writing them in public makes me take them seriously.

    First and foremost I plan on spending some time on me. I work 2 jobs and am a care taker when I am not at those jobs and it leaves very little time if any to do anything nice for myself let alone think about nice things to do for myself.

    Second, I will finish by banshee project, my minotaur project (starting after the banshee) and move on to plenty more.


    Updated 1-2-13 at 1:01:59 AM by *Erin*

  5. Paige RosePetal's Adventures in Wizarding Part 2

    {render was done by Athena LionHeart, I did rest}

    Dear Journal,

    Well I found myself in Krokotopia this time around. I am very sad to be in a desert though. I like greenery!

    One thing is for sure Pyramid of the sun was not meant to be easy for a fire wizard ...

    Updated 12-10-12 at 11:06:55 PM by *Erin*

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