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  1. Happy New Year

    So hopefully your gears in your head had time to process talent dominance and you read the other links. Let's take this topic a little farther.

    You want to make a 10 talent base pet. You already know the basics so making 5 base pets then hatching them together until you get that 10 talented base seems kinda easy now probably. Were taking the tough out of pet hatching here.

    You just want to make your perfect 5 talent pet. You got all the knowledge to self hatch to victory ...

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  2. Who Is On 1st Base?

    Ok, so you followed along and saw just how easy talent dominance is to set on pets. Why people think pet hatching is hard I will never understand, but now let's expand this beginning.

    1. You probably have met people who go I have this great base pet, it has and they proceed to rattle off 10 talents.
    a. your either astounded they had the patience to do that.
    b. wonder how to do it yourself
    c. you remember these basics now and can go why not make one myself? I have ...

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  3. The Proof Is In The Pudding

    Just in case your keeping up with this blog series. I am going to let you in on a little secret all this talent dominance stuff I have been talking about to make pets easy, well the guides on it have been out there for years. Very few make use of the importance but I feel unless you understand this basic concept you will never really understand the middle and advanced hatching. So let's take a moment to link all the guides I could find on talent dominance and maybe that person's explanation will ...

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  4. Thank You KingIsle for Another Year

    I see too many people try and ruin positive threads so going to put this in my blog.

    I just wanted to first say Thank you to King Isle for this wonderful game. I hope everyone there has a great holiday season and looking forward to next year's surprises.

    I would like to thank all the moderators on Central for being there and hope they too have a wonderful holiday season as well.

    Hope all the players get the Christmas spirit that don't have it ...
  5. Peanut Butter Cookies Are My Weakness

    Ok, so this bit will be a WIP just to show you how easy setting talent dominance really is.

    First thing you need to do in any project is break out your wizard city first generation pet. Your probably thinking "um I think Erin just lost it guys", but no there is a method to the madness; so stick with me here. First off crowns pets, bundle pets and higher level world pets have what we call pre-set talents. What that means is most of them have a built in set of talents ...

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