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  1. WOW

    Well kinda had to go invisible lately whenever I am on the game. I love to help people but they are completely taking advantage right now. I was just on to garden and in less than 5 seconds on had 5 people ask for help. Of course I helped with the mob fights and dungeons but one person actually yelled at me because I was helping someone in the malistaire dungeon and could not help him right then and there. I was just like wow, really?

    Also, people do not read posts what so ...

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  2. Watchtower hall

    well I am making one on my ice wizard Erin Dawncaster.

    will update how far I am with it on this, also I am not buying reagents! I am farming the entire thing except the ghost fire bought that before I saw there is a plant with it.

    Also, willowdreamer has always helped me when I asked her where to farm certain reagents so first off A GIGANTIC THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP WILLOWDREAMER!

    Without her help ...

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  3. Hatch List

    So I can get rid of the paper its written on will put it here so I do not forget.

    Hatch List:

    Laura Ashthief: storm elf, cautious hound, patriotic leprechaun. (cannot hatch yet)

    Taryn: Fierce hound, aqua dragon (failed need rehatch, will let me know though if she gets mc bb from hatch), ice bird, prime piggle, and stormhound.

    ~Chris~: Frost beetle (hatched failed need to reschedule hope to do 1/14)

    undeadice: ...

    Updated 2-16-12 at 9:48:49 PM by *Erin*

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