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  1. Sylvanas's Avatar
    I personally would like to see a drawing/digital drawing competition, instead of graphics and drawing combined into one.

    It is possible more people would like to see crown prizes, rather than in game items, because then it can be used in both games, for those who have perhaps quit Wizard101.
  2. ~Sonny~'s Avatar
    Hi! (I guess I shall post here! Please excuse the typos, I'm on my iPod at the moment)
    Well, I have always really liked doing the "create something not-on-the-computer contests" if that makes sense, such as the decorate a pumpkin and pet costume in October. I personally don't play wizards anymore, so I like to participate for fun! Though I think usually the bigger the prizes and the amount of time an effort thats needed for an entry might impact peoples decision to whether they would want to participate or not, such as the raffle is a simple click of a button and then other contests require you to do something. I like the contests where you can be creative and there aren't a lot of limits, like how the caption contest this time was a bit different. I hope that made sense!
  3. Jas's Avatar
    I remember these threads! Haha, sure miss BW's sense of humor.
  4. Ryan Skyfriend's Avatar
    Both were great, people need to learn to sense sarcasm
  5. Olivia Firerunner's Avatar
    Wow! Your good at PvP like my brother. I'm never really good at PvP.
  6. Prince's Avatar
    Hey I was there! You did great against them lukin
  7. Challenge's Avatar
    Glad to see more people trying out the arena, and that is a nice record so far, I don't think my Adept Ice did that well starting off xD. Also glad to here you haven't run into the bad people of the arena, maybe your skill scared them off :P Have fun PvPing!

  8. stix619's Avatar
    Wow, your good. My Death played about 15 matches, and he got 6-7.
  9. God's Grace's Avatar
    How cute! ^-^ Does she know you wrote her this?
  10. Jas's Avatar
    Awwwww. Too cute!
  11. Kris's Avatar
    Very sweet, lukin. :D
  12. cooltoy's Avatar
    Awwwwww... That's very cute :)!
  13. lukin's Avatar
    Thanks to Nick I am getting closer and will have one soon. Thanks Nick
  14. Katherine's Avatar
    Awesome pet. Its definitely worth all the money put into it.
  15. Cody Soulmender's Avatar
    That's an awesome pet!! Congratulations
  16. SpellBlade's Avatar
    Congradulations lukin! Very nice pet!
  17. coolcarlos's Avatar
    fairly happy? my first was a starfish that gave nothing good but resist :[
  18. Milt's Avatar
    Congrats lukins! The pet's talents are cool.
  19. adiw's Avatar
    You have more than two times as many as I have.
  20. Kane Giantblood's Avatar
    Woot congratz!!!!!!! :D o_O......... I am not helpful so I only have like 900 or something I forgot.......
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