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  1. Centrals Birthday.........

    by , 7-30-16 at 3:12:33 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    Its coming. What comes with Centrals Birthday??? CONTESTS!!!!!!! PRIZES!!!!!

  2. Central Needs New Gems!

    by , 1-18-16 at 10:39:44 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    Quote Originally Posted by lukin View Post
    So I am sure many of you have noticed we are a little behind on ranks and gems for Central. So here is a chance to use your creative skills to be remembered as the one who made the gems for the Exalted/Prodigious ranks on Central. You can use any of the current gems to cut and paste, or change their color in you program of choice.

    A few things to keep in mind:
    Keep them the same size they are now (they might not look like your vision when they are resized)

    Your entry
  3. Its Been A While

    by , 6-27-14 at 9:16:04 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    Its been a long time since I posted anything here, so I decided I would share some videos. My tatste in music is very eclectic, and ranges all over the place. This post will be all alike taken from the 90s grunge era. Im sure some will have heard them before, but many others I am sure will have never heard of the song and or group.

    For those who have ben around a while will know I am a HUGE Pearl Jam fan. So next time you will ...
  4. Just Try Before Reacting

    by , 4-2-13 at 6:17:08 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    I posted this on a thread, but thought I would share it here.

    The one thing that would make things more constructive, is if things were tested before posted about how it is going to effect something in a negative way. The test realm was open for mere minutes before the threads started flying around about how a part of the update was going to ruin something. When we read something it can sound great or horrible, but we will never know the true effects of it until we have tested it. Everything ...
  5. Its Just FLURRIES!!!

    by , 2-19-13 at 8:37:02 PM (Whatever is on my Mind)
    If you live in the South or the West Coast, I can understand that driving in the snow can be a very scary thing, as it is something that you dont have to do often, or have never done it at all. If you live anyplace else you should be accustomed to it by now. When there are flurries, there is no reason to drive 10 miles below the speed limit. Flurries are nothing more then a gnat on a summer day. It is annoying and just flies all around you doing nothing but annoying you. That is exactly what flurries ...

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