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  1. Leaving For Tie Being

    by , 8-29-11 at 6:07:43 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    Never knew what to do here. But I got to say. I'll be "leaving" Central for time being till further notice......
  2. What music do you guys listen to while playing Wizard101?

    by , 8-28-11 at 11:17:43 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    [quote=epicali;2574971]-looks around for Veri-
    OB-VI-OUS-LY :P[/quote]

    Lol xD................
  3. The game is getting boring

    by , 8-28-11 at 4:36:07 AM (Freedom Fighters!)
    [quote=Sabrina Fireflower;2528185]Don't focus on the negatives, focus on the positives! :)

    We have really cool crafting things! Try crafting a bit maybe?
    Hang out with friends
    Decorate houses
    Level your pet
    Try new quests and listen to the storyline.
    Turn on the sounds and see what cool music you can find.

    A lot of mmo's don't offer even that much! A lot of the times you can have a house, hang with friends, and quest/battle.[/quote] ...
  4. Hurricane Irene

    by , 8-28-11 at 4:33:15 AM (Freedom Fighters!)
    [quote=Lady Cat;2570190]:ange:Big slow Cat 1 hurricanes can produce a lot of tornadoes. Do not underestimate the danger , flashfloods , storm surges , debris funneling down through high rise buildings can be lethal . stay dry, stay safe , obey the cerfews, god bless you all.:purr: Lady Cat says meow. Got milk ?:2:[/quote]

    Agreed. Never underestimate even a Simple Cat. 1 Hurricane
  5. Hello :D

    by , 8-28-11 at 4:09:28 AM (Freedom Fighters!)
    Well this is my first Blog entry :D....
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