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  1. The Last Letter: A Message to George W. Bush and D. Cheney From a Dying Veteran

    by , 3-26-13 at 10:53:27 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    [COLOR=#00ff00][FONT=Verdana]I write this letter on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq War on behalf of my fellow Iraq War veterans. I write this letter on behalf of the 4,488 soldiers and Marines who died in Iraq. I write this letter on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of veterans who have been wounded and on behalf of those whose wounds, physical and psychological, have destroyed their lives. I am one of those gravely wounded. I was paralyzed in an insurgent ambush in 2004 in Sadr City. My life ...

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  2. Egypt Government bans YouTube

    by , 2-9-13 at 6:17:19 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    Yes, the new Pharaoh of Egypt has banned YouTube in the country for one month
    How is the revolution of "democracy" and "freedom" working out for you guys
  3. CISPA is Back

    by , 2-9-13 at 6:13:07 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    Yes, the internet censorship bill is back in action.
    According to RT:
    [QUOTE][COLOR=#695B4E][I][FONT=Arial]The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act (CISPA) will be reintroduced before the US House [URL="http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/#"]next[/URL] week following a spate of cyber espionage and hacking attacks. Civil liberties advocates have criticized the bill for violating privacy laws.[/FONT][/I][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#695B4E][I][FONT=Arial]The House Intelligence ...
  4. Happy 2013

    by , 1-9-13 at 9:02:43 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    Happy 2013 guys.
    Hopefully it's another great year for Wizard101 and Central and maybe the world XD.
  5. Vaccine Ingredients.

    by , 11-12-12 at 3:29:14 PM (Freedom Fighters!)
    Ever wondered what was in those needles?
    Wait no longer.
    Here their with their deadly side effects later.

    Dangers of aluminum:

    Careful what you inject to your body. "They" say it's "good" for you.
    But the opposite might ...
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