We are a child-friendly forum. We understand some rules may feel constraining to adults but to be fair to all members we do need these rules to apply to everyone. In our efforts to keep kids safe we do have many rules you may not be use to and appreciate you taking the time to review them.

Pictures of yourself and personal information. Please remember to stay safe and don't share personal pictures or personal information anywhere on the site. Don't give out your last name, phone number, address or email.

Inappropriate language- is not allowed anywhere on the site. This includes abbreviated curse words.

Advertising & Outside links- Links and advertising other websites including chat boxes and live voice chat are not allowed anywhere on the site. *This includes writing sitename.com just because it's not clickable it is still considered directing members off site. The same rules that apply in the forums also apply to visitor & private messages. If you have a link you want to post, send a private message to an administrator to get it approved before posting it.

*If you would like to share your Wizard101 related blog you can submit your link here Having your blog listed in our blog directory does not mean you have permission to post your link in your signature or anywhere else on the site.

Posting images hosted on other sites (hot linking)- Images or pictures hosted offsite are not permitted for a variety of reasons. They could be deleted at the source and render your post useless here. Also, depending on where the image is hosted it could be considered bandwidth theft because they are paying to display it here.

*If you don't want to host an image in your Central album you can create an account on Image Hosting Central

Youtube videos can be posted as long as they appear as a video and not a link. The video must follow our forum rules. YouTube is the only site videos can be posted from.

Signature Size- Don’t make your signature image larger than 500 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. You can add text above or below your image but no more than a few lines. If your signature is taking up half the page it's too big.

Spam- Don’t spam the forums. “Spam” means: posting things that have nothing to do with the original post, double posting (posting two+ messages in a row), and over-using the smileys.

Spamming other members - Do not spam other members through visitor messages or private messages with advertising. This includes but is not limited to your graphic shops, stories, blogs, chain letters and websites.

Bumping threads- This means writing bump or just posting something to bring your thread back to the top. You can bump once every 24 hours.

Rants- Please don't start a thread ranting about what other people are posting. If you don't like the topic move on to another thread. If their topic is breaking a forum rule please report it.

Report button- Every post has a report button on the lower left. Please report any post you feel is breaking a forum rule. Please do not post a reply to the person breaking the rules. We don't need back seat modding. We have a report button and moderators to handle those that are breaking the rules.
Deleted posts- If your post or thread was deleted/closed do not repost it, it was deleted for a reason. Please do not post or start a thread about a deleted post/thread. If you have a question as to why it was deleted please PM a staff member.

Cheats and 3rd party programs - Are not allowed to be discussed. KI developers visit this site daily. You could be risking losing your account with them if they see you participate in this behavior.

Wizard101 in game items - Because of the risk for fraud we do not allow trading or selling of Wizard101 gift card Codes or in game crown items. Sharing a code without asking for anything in return is fine.

Arguments/Fights - Arguing with other members is not allowed. You can disagree with someone, but please make your point without using insults.

Flaming -No trolling or flaming. A troll is a person who makes comments designed to induce angry replies. A flame is a hostile message that is a personal attack against another member or group.

*Mentioning another member by name in a negative way (including from in game) is not allowed.

Posting- The moderators have to be able to read your post in order to moderate. This means no intentional misspelling of words or posting in languages other than English.

Unwanted Criticism or CnC- We are a friendly forum, responding to someone's post to simply offer uninvited criticism regarding spelling or grammar corrections is not permitted.

You are fully responsible for your own account and protection of your password. Claiming your brother, sister, cousin, or friend was using your account is not acceptable as an excuse for the violation of our rules. If you share your account with someone and they break the rules, it will be treated the same as if you broke the rules yourself.

If you have a question about a warning sent to you please contact a Moderator. If you feel a moderator has made a mistake contact an Administrator. Do not post your warning or handle your dispute with staff in the forums.

* Please do not post about your dating preferences, We are a fansite for an MMO and this topic does not belong here. We are also a G-rated forum and these topics can lead to discussions that are not appropriate for our younger members.

The Moderators and Admin have the right to alter or delete any post found to be offensive or inappropriate.

If you have any questions a list of Forum Leaders can be found here

Contest Rules can be found here
Trade Rules can be found here
Wiki Rules & Guidelines can be found

Wizard101 Central Blog Rules

These rules apply to the Wizard101 Central Blogs. They are slightly different from our normal site rules.

  1. No personal photographs
  2. No inappropriate pictures
  3. No inappropriate language
  4. Blogs need to be primarily Wizard101 related, but you are free to post about other topics too.
  5. Links that are relevant to your blog entry are allowed. The link may not lead to inappropriate material. This includes the advertisements on that site.
  6. The blogs are not billboards for you to advertise on.
  7. Deleted blog entries- If your blog entry or thread/post was deleted/closed do not repost it, it was deleted for a reason. Please do not post or start a blog entry or thread about a deleted post/thread. If you have a question as to why it was deleted please PM a staff member.
  8. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of your blog. We reserve the right to amend these rules without notice. Wizard101 Central is not responsible for any data that might be lost. If the content of your blog is invaluable to you it is recommended that you save your work on your own computer as well.