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Line 27: Line 27:
| reward1 =  
| reward1 =  
| reward2 =  
| reward2 =  
| cardpack1 = Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack
| cardpack1 = Alphoi Hoard Pack
| cardpack2 = Harrowing Nightmare Pack
| cardpack2 = Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack
| cardpack3 = Kirin's Hoard Pack
| cardpack3 = Harrowing Nightmare Pack
| cardpack4 = Knight's Lore Pack
| cardpack4 = Kirin's Hoard Pack
| cardpack5 = Mega Reagent Pack
| cardpack5 = Knight's Lore Pack
| cardpack6 = Nightmare Pack
| cardpack6 = Mega Reagent Pack
| cardpack7 = Skyvern's Hoard Pack
| cardpack7 = Nightmare Pack
| cardpack8 =  
| cardpack8 = Skyvern's Hoard Pack
| cardpack9 =  
| packbuyval = 250, 299, or 399 Crowns
| packbuyval = 250, 299, or 399 Crowns
<!--Creatures that Drop this automatically list from the Creature pages-->
<!--Creatures that Drop this automatically list from the Creature pages-->

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Card image
Card Text
A piece of Ghost Fire
Sell Price6 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 450090
5 - 935080
10 - 2425070
25 - 3920060
40 - 7417050
75 - 12414040
125 - 15911030
160 - 2249525
225 - 2998020
300 - 3997015
400 - 4996010
Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Amulet of Dragons of Old
Amulet of the Savannah Flame
Argent Rose Seal
Battlefield Blessing Charm
Charm of Northwind's Armor
Charm of Stony Snakes
Cold Wind Charm of Zamunda
Dark of the Moon Necklace
Dawnfire Necklace
Green Collar of Stone Town
Heroic Torc
Lifetree Amulet
Moon of Talos Amulet
Moon's Grace Necklace
Moon's Radiance Necklace
Northwind's Shielding Charm
Pearl of the Elementals
Raven Spirit Necklace
Raven's Shadow Necklace
Shaka's Tamed Serpent Choker
Silver Rose Pendant
Skystorm Necklace
Smashing Claw Charm
Spellwrought Band
Sunbright Savannah Necklace
Triskelion Torc
Ursine Gold Band
Valor's Blood Necklace
Wild Lightning Amulet
Ashen Axe of Wintertusk
Blade of Storm's Fury
Doom Mace
Eyes of Judgement
Hammer of the Stone Sky
The Edge of the Green
Winter's Guardian Axe
Celestial Dagger
Celestian Edge
Cosmic Kris
Courtly Dirk
Diplomatic Dagger
Dirk of Defense
Dirk of Unknown Origin
Edge of Echoes
Emerald Bear Claw
Esteemed Edge
Garnet Bear Claw
Glistening Edge
Horn-Handled Knife
Knight's Blade
Lion King's Razor Claw
Medicating Claw
Morgantine Twin Blade
Olyphant's Storied Scimitar
Revered Dagger
Spine of the Dragon
Survivor's Shortblade
Tooth of the Serpent
Topaz Bear Claw
Zamunda's Striped Spear
Zero Cat's Passionate Blade
Argent Rose Ring
Astonishing Ring
Band of Quintessence
Band of the Great Apes
Celestian Ring
Circle of Lion's Honor
Cosmic Band
Dazzling Celestian Ring
Diplomatic Ring
Drum Jungle Shelter Ring
Elephant's Tusked Loop
Ethereal Ring
Gripping Ring
Horned Ring
Kinsman's Bond
Lion's Seal of Pride
Long Lost Ring
Morgantine Signet
Olyphant's War Ring
Ring of Ancient Powers
Ring of Apotheosis
Ring of Awakening
Ring of Discovery
Seal of Might
Seal of the Exemplar
Shield Circle of Zamunda
Silver Petal Band
Sorcerer's Signet
Stellar Signet
Stunning Celestian Signet
Three-Lobed Seal
Triskelion Band
Wintertusk Ring of Bravery
Wintertusk Ring of Courage
Wintertusk Ring of Valor
Azteca Altar
Azteca Brazier
Azteca Kiln
Balustrade Lg Castle Block
Balustrade Long Azteca Block
Bamboo Fountain
Bevelled Corner Counter
Celestian Lamp
Celestian Magician Statue
Celestian Vase
Celestian Warrior Statue
Crenellation Castle Block
Cuckoo Clock
Decorative Gong
Dog Biscuits
Fancy Counter
Grandfather Clock
Large Astral Tent
Large Starry Tent
Large Yellow Tent
Leaning Palm Tree
Marble Watch Tower
Pot of Soup
Roof In Corner Castle Block
Roof Inside Corner Azteca Block
Ship in a Bottle
Skinny Tiki Totem
Square Clocktower
Staircase Azteca Block C
Stairs Wide Castle Block
Tapestry to Northguard
Tiki Statue
Toy Train Set
Vined Window Azteca Block
Violin and Stand
Wall Crenulation Azteca Block
Wall Starfish
Wall-Post Short Azteca Block
Wall-Post Short Castle Block
Wall-Window Azteca Block
Wall-Window Castle Block
Watchtower Hall
Water-Mole Table
Wooden Wall Clock
Sprinkle Cupcake
Athena Battle Sight
Brimstone Revenant
Deer Knight
Goat Monk
Handsome Fomori
Keeper of the Flame
Krampus (Spell)
Lord of Night
Loremaster (Spell)
Luminous Weaver
Ninja Pigs
Queen Calypso (Spell)
Savage Paw
Winter Moon
Treasure Cards:
Skeletal Pirate

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