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| cretype = Boss
| cretype = Boss

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(Creature) The Shedder.png
View Drops ⧨
Rank18 Boss
School(Icon) Shadow.png
Masteries(Icon) Fire.png (Icon) Ice.png
Battle Statistics
Shadow Pips3 (Icon) Shadow Pip.png max
Starting Pips5  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Out. Pierce25% (Icon) Armor Piercing.png
Out. Boost150% (Icon) Damage.png
Inc. Boost
Inc. Resist200% to 
Wizard CityThe Drains - Shedder's Lair
  • ”Your tardiness is disgusting!” - If a Wizard is late to join the duel, he will cast his Natural Attack on the late Wizard, and Stun the Wizard for two Rounds.
  • Starting with Immunity to all schools, each time he is hit, he takes no Damage, but his starting health is reduced by 1.
  • When the Boss is down to about 1 Health, he Polymorphs into an enlarged version of himself, giving him 70,000 Health, which removes his Immunity and all of his stats.
  • After casting his Natural Attack, the Boss will cast a Shadow version of Stun that lasts for two Rounds.
  • Summons any combination of three of the following Minions, with the following cheats:
    • Hired Hoof (Balance)
    • Hired Hoof (Death)
    • Hired Hoof (Fire)
    • Hired Hoof (Ice)
    • Hired Hoof (Life)
    • Hired Hoof (Myth)
    • Hired Hoof (Storm)
      • Balance Minion - if a Wizard casts an Aura spell, Hired Hoof (Balance) will cast Supernova. Pet May Casts will trigger this cheat.
      • Death Minion - if a Healing spell is cast, Hired Hoof (Death) will cast Infection on the caster. Pet May Casts will trigger this cheat.
      • Fire Minion - if a Wizard casts a Blade spell, Hired Hoof (Fire) will cast Steal Charm.
      • Ice Minion - if a Wizard casts a Ward spell, Hired Hoof (Ice) will cast Steal Ward. If Legion Shield or Rebirth is cast, it will Steal Ward from the caster. Pet May Casts will trigger this cheat.
      • Life Minion - No cheat observed.
      • Myth Minion - if a Wizard casts a Trap spell, Hired Hoof (Myth) will cast Cleanse Ward.
      • Storm Minion - if a Wizard casts a Weakness spell, Hired Hoof (Storm) will cast Cleanse Charm.
  • After 3 rounds, Boss summons additional randomly assorted Hired Hoof minions if none are present, and continues to replace minions as they are defeated.
Spell Notes
  • Casts an Aegis-protected Guiding Light.
  • Casts a Mass version of Feint (+70%/+30%).

Natural Attack:

  • Deals 105 Shadow Damage per Pip despite the spell description.
Quest Appearances
» Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!
(Spell) Mass Tower Shield.png
(Spell) Black Mantle.png
(Spell) Guiding Light.png
(Spell) Lightning Strike.png
(Spell) Weakness.png
(Spell) Healing Current.png
(Spell) Shadowblade.png
(Spell) Bladestorm.png
(Spell) Feint.png
(Spell) Choke (85%).png
(Spell) Death Scarab (Shadow).png
(Spell) Wild Bolt (Shadow).png
(Spell) Iron Sultan (Shadow).png
(Spell) Athena Battle Sight (Shadow).png
(Spell) Glowbug Squall (Shadow 1,120).png
(Spell) Death Ninja Pig (Shadow).png
(Spell) Power Nova (Shadow).png
(Spell) Orthrus (Shadow).png
(Spell) Natural Attack (Shadow 105-210-315-420).png
(Spell) Vengeful Seraph (Shadow).png
Gold (per creature or per solo boss fight)
1,132 - 2,229
Housing Items
Crab Alley Chaise
Treasure Cards
Alchemical Crystals
Alchemical Extract (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 13 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Alchemical Salts (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 4 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Nightbringer (Icon) Accuracy Alternate.pngTotal Drop Reports: 5 (Icon) WMV.pngWiki-Master Verified Drop
Beast Wellington
Cherry Pie
Hot Cross Buns
Satyr Chow
Sprinkle Cupcake
Pets (Post screenshots here)
Mounts (1-day version unless otherwise noted)
Spells (Post screenshots here)

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