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| cretype = Elite
| cretype = Elite
| rank = 17
| rank = 17
| heal = 6,395
| heal = 5,115
| crecla = Pig
| crecla = Pig
| school = Ice
| school = Ice

Latest revision as of 05:33, 2 August 2020

(Creature) Blue Ninja Pig.png
Rank17 Elite
School(Icon) Ice.png (Icon) Shadow.png
Battle Statistics
Shadow Pips1 (Icon) Shadow Pip.png max
Starting Pips4  (Icon) Pip Alternate.png / (Icon) Power Pip.png
Inc. Boost(Icon) Fire.png
Inc. Resist(Icon) Ice.png
Wizard CityThe Drains - Ninja Tunnel

For drop purposes, the Blue Ninja Pig is treated as a Minion to the Red Ninja Pig.

  • Lacks Shadow Mastery.
  • Has a 40% incoming Healing boost.
Monstrology Tome Description

In his free time he enjoys painting.

(Icon) Monstrology Minion TC.png
Summon Card
Animus: 10
Gold: 500
(Icon) Monstrology House Guest.png
House Guest
Animus: 20
Gold: 1,500
(Icon) Monstrology Expel TC.png
Expel Card
Animus: 15
Gold: 2,000
Spell Notes
  • Casts an Aegis-protected Iceblade.
Quest Appearances
(Spell) Brace.png
(Spell) Tower Shield (-55%).png
(Spell) Iceblade.png
(Spell) Balanceblade (+30%).png
(Spell) Angry Snowpig.png
(Spell) Natural Attack (Ice 105-210-315-420).png
(Spell) Winter Moon.png
(Spell) Frost Giant (535).png
(Spell) Snowball Barrage.png
(Spell) Natural Attack (Shadow 105-210-315-420).png
(Spell) Death Ninja Pig (Shadow).png

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