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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
polyspell The exact name of the Polymorph Spell that can transform your character to this Polymorph.
heal Total health the creature has.
school What school the creature is in.
descrip Add a Brief description.
deck The number of cards in this Polymorph's deck
spell1-20 Spells the creature has.
Manual Boost/Resist: BE SURE you know how to calculate these values FIRST!
manbst The percentage boosted, put None if the Creature boosts no damage type
manbstsch The school boosted by the Creature, use manbstsch2 and manbstsch3 for additional boosted schools
manres The percentage resisted, put None if the Creature resists no damage type
manressch The school resisted by the Creature, use manressch2 to manressch5 for additional resisted schools
Blank Template
| polyspell = 
| heal = 
| school = 
| descrip = 
| deck = 
| spell1 = 
| spell2 = 
| spell3 = 
| spell4 = 
| spell5 = 
| spell6 = 
| spell7 = 
| spell8 = 
| spell9 = 
| spell10 = 
| spell11 = 
| spell12 = 
| spell13 = 
| spell14 = 
| spell15 = 
| manbst = 
| manbstsch = 
| manres = 
| manressch = 
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