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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
henchman For Henchmen, enter Yes.
rank Enter the Rank of the Minion or Henchman.
level For Henchmen, enter the level of the Henchman.
heal Enter the Health of the Minion or Henchman.
school Enter the School of the Minion or Henchman.
pip For Summoned Minions, enter the number of pips the spell requires.
crown For Henchmen, enter the cost in Crowns to purchase this Henchman for a duel. If the Henchman is retired, enter in the letter "r" in the field and note in the description when it was retired.
descrip Enter a Brief description of the Minion or Henchman.
casts Semicolon separated list of Spells the Minion or Henchman can cast.
Order is Enchantments, Shadow Self Spells, Shadow Creatures, Auras, Shields/Absorbs, non-Blade Charms, Heals, Blades, Traps, Manipulation spells, Global spells, Damage spells of Creature's Primary school > Mastery > Secondary
All Damage spells are sorted by School > Pip/Rank, with X Pip considered as the highest value, with one exception. The 3-Pip Max Spells are listed as such, in Order. Damage attack spells with secondary effects are treated as damage type.
Secondary school Damage spells are grouped by school, and the Secondary schools are sorted by the highest rank attack in each school.
Spells within each group are further grouped by School > Pip/Rank (X Pip highest).
When multiple spells of the same pip count exist within a group, non-damage spells are ordered alphabetically (both positive and negative) and damage spells are ordered by max damage going from lowest to highest.
Treasure Card versions follow Spell versions that are identical in name, Pip/Rank, and effects, and should be tagged with *TC, e.g. Deathblade*TC;
spell1-20 [ Old ] Spells the Minion or Henchman can cast. Refer to the order detailed in the casts field.
Blank Template
| henchman = 
| rank = 
| level = 
| heal = 
| school = 
| pip = 
| crown = 
| descrip =

| casts =

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