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Template Fields
Field name Description (fill in all that apply, leave blank if unknown)
worldm DO NOT enter a general world "make" of the item's design (e.g. Marleybone, Grizzleheim, Celestia, etc), unless there is no confirmed source present in wrldv, wrldd, wrldrw, cardpack, or giftcard below.
Use Card Pack Only or Gift Card Only if its source is a card pack or gift card, or "No" for another non-world source.
Otherwise, leave this field blank.
type "Hat", "Robe", "Boots", "Athame", "Ring", "Amulet", "Wand", or "Deck"
level Minimum level required for use of this equipment. ALL numbered levels take a "+" at the end, including the highest (e.g. 110+)
arnarnk PvP Arena Rank required to use the Item (Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Veteran, Knight, Captain, Warlord)
petrank Pet Derby Rank required to use the Item (Pet Private, Pet Corporal, Pet Sergeant, Pet Veteran, Pet Knight, Pet Captain, Pet Warlord)
trade Yes/No
auction Yes/No
sell If this item is "No Sell", type No; otherwise, leave it blank.
school Any, Balance, Death, Life, Fire, Ice, Myth, Storm
notschool If a School is NOT allowed to use the item but all others are, enter the school here.
retired Enter Yes if item has been retired. Enter the Holiday name here if it is a Holiday/Seasonal Item: Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
(bonuses) What bonuses the item gives:

Bonuses with 1 line

  • bhealth = Max Health, bmana = Max Mana, energy = Energy, bspeed = Speed Bonus %
  • bppch = Power Pip % Chance, bshadpipch = Shadow Pip % Chance, stunresist = Stun Resist %, bfishluck = Fishing Luck %
  • Use incoming and outgoing for healing boost %
  • pip/powerpip - Is a pip or power pip given at the beginning of the battle - Yes/No.
  • altppschool - If an item lets you use powerpips for an additional school, enter that school's name

Bonuses with 2 lines

These have the school of the bonus followed by the bonus itself - For example, for 3% Fire accuracy, bacc = 3% and baccsch = Fire
  • School values you can use include: (Any, Balance, Death, Life, Fire, Ice, Myth, Shadow, Storm)
  • enter the bonuses as either a straight number (3 for +3) or the percent (3% for +3%)
  • bacc = Accuracy, bdam = Damage, bres = Resistance
  • bcrit = Critical, bcritb = Critical Block
  • barmpierce = Armor Piercing %, pipconvert = Pip Conversion/Recovery
  • Use bdam2, bacc2, and bres2 for a second school specific stat, or 3 for a third and 4 for a fourth

Deck Stats

  • max - Maximum cards in the deck at one time
  • maxcopy - Maximum generic card copies in the deck
  • spmaxcopysch - School that is allowed to have additional cards (if none, leave blank)
  • spmaxcopy - Number of additional school-specific card copies
  • side - Maximum number of cards in the sideboard
icnum & icnum2-7 The number (if any) of Item Cards this item awards, icnum2-7 for multiple, different Item Cards
icname & icname2-7 The name (if any) of the Item Cards this item awards, icname2-7 for multiple, different Item Cards. Reminder: list this Item on the Item Card pages also.
maycast1 The name (if any) of the Item Card this item may cast during a Duel
socket & socket2-4 The shape of (if any) the socket found on this item. Use socket2-4 for additional sockets
socketlock & socketlock2-4 If one of the sockets found on this item is locked, fill the corresponding fields in with "Yes"; otherwise, leave it blank
socketwrench If one or more of the sockets found on this item is locked, use this field to fill in the Socket Wrench that can be used to unlock them
unlockcost If one or more of the sockets found on this item is locked, use this field to fill in the Crowns cost to unlock them (number only)
Below fields cover where and how you can obtain the item
vendor Who sells this item. (Do not include the Bazaar)
Use "Crown Shop" if it is only sold in the Crown Shop. Use vendor2 for a second vendor.
wrldv World of the vendor that sells it - This must be filled in if the Item is Sold (Not including Bazaar). Use wrldv2 or wrldv3 if it is sold in additional worlds.
xchgu units of exchange for this vendor
lowbuy Lowest purchase price at vendor
highbuy Highest purchase price at vendor
lowsell Lowest sale price at vendor
highsell Highest sale price at vendor
cardpack & cardpack2-5 If the item comes from a Card Pack, put the NAME of the Card Pack here, otherwise leave blank. Use cardpack2, cardpack3, etc., for additional cardpacks.
packbuyval If the item comes from a Card Pack, put the price of the card pack here. The word "Crowns" is NOT needed.
giftcard If the item comes from a Gift Card, put the NAME of the Gift Card here, otherwise leave blank
vendset If the item is part of a bundled set, put the NAME of the set here, otherwise leave blank
setitem1-9 If the item is part of a bundled set, put the NAMEs of other items in the set here, otherwise leave blank. If a namespace other than "Item" is needed, add an asterisk (*) with the appropriate namespace following the asterisk.
promocode If the item only comes from a Promotional Code, enter the source of that code here.
hairstyle If the item is a hairstyle, enter "Yes", otherwise leave blank.
wrldd World where it was dropped - This must be filled in if the Item is Dropped..
Note: If the Creature's "Location" is a Housing Instance (not a World), put the name of the Housing Instance here instead.
Please do not list Wizard City for items from other worlds dropped by Hallowe'en only Creatures.
Use wrldd2 or wrldd3 if it is dropped in additional worlds.
unique Yes/No (Unique items are better quality items ONLY dropped by bosses)
wrldrw World of the Quest that Rewards it - This must be filled in if the Item is Rewarded. Use wrldrw2 or wrldrw3 if it is sold in additional worlds.
fishchest If this Item can be obtained from Chests found while Fishing, enter "Yes" otherwise leave blank.
fishchestloc1-20 The name of the location that has fishing chests which can grant this item. Use fishchestloc2, fishchestloc3, etc. for additional locations.
lkslike If this Item has the same exact shape (regardless of color) as some other Item, the Item can be listed here. Generic Vendor sold items are preferred for this in all cases.
Blank Template
| worldm = 
| type = 
| level = 
| trade = 
| auction = 
| sell = 
| school = 
| bhealth = 
| bmana = 
| bppch = 
| bshadpipch = 
| baccsch = 
| bacc = 
| baccsch2 = 
| bacc2 = 
| bcritsch = 
| bcrit = 
| bcritsch2 = 
| bcrit2 = 
| bcritbsch = 
| bcritb = 
| bcritbsch2 = 
| bcritb2 = 
| bdamsch = 
| bdam = 
| bdamsch2 = 
| bdam2 = 
| bressch = 
| bres = 
| bressch2 = 
| bres2 = 
| barmpiercesch = 
| barmpierce = 
| barmpiercesch2 = 
| barmpierce2 = 
| pipconvertsch = 
| pipconvert = 
| incoming = 
| outgoing = 
| stunresist = 
| icnum = 
| icname = 
| maycast1 = 
| socket = 
| socketlock = 
| socket2 = 
| socketlock2 = 
| socketwrench = 
| unlockcost = 
| pip = 
| powerpip = 
| altppschool = 
| vendor = 
| wrldv = 
| vendor2 = 
| wrldv2 = 
| xchgu = 
| lowbuy = 
| highbuy = 
| lowsell = 
| highsell = 
| cardpack = 
| cardpack2 = 
| packbuyval = 
| wrldd = 
| wrldd2 = 
| unique = 
| wrldrw = 
| fishchest = 
| fishchestloc1 = 
| fishchestloc2 = 
| fishchestloc3 = 
| lkslike = 
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