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Spell:Shadow Shrike

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(Spell) Shadow Shrike.png
Spell Information
School(Icon) Shadow.png
Pip Cost0
Shadow Pip Cost1
Type(Icon) Shadow Self.png
+50% Armor Piercing to all outgoing Damage, +10% to all outgoing Damage, and -25% to all incoming Healing to self, and applies a +10% Armor Piercing Charm to self and all allies whenever the caster casts a Damage or Steal Spell for 3 Rounds
Shadow Shrike Spell Animation
Acquisition Information
Training Points CAN purchase this Spell*
No Spells are required in order to learn Shadow Shrike
Prerequisite For
No Spells require Shadow Shrike to be learned
*Training Points are only required for certain Schools. If you belong to one of the following Schools, this Spell is FREE.
  • Fire
  • Myth
  • Storm

Backlash Information

Shadow Self Spells have an additional effect called Backlash, which is an amount of damage equal to a certain percentage of the caster's current health.

While under a Shadow Spell transformation, the Spells that the caster casts may decrease or increase the amount of Backlash based on whether the spells are "Liked" or "Disliked" by that transformation. When the Shadow Spell expires after 3 Rounds, the accumulated percentage of Backlash will be removed from the caster's current health.
Shadow Shrike Backlash Information.png
Damage (Damage) Spells:
Healing (Healing) Spells:
Positive Damage Charm (Blade) Spells:
Positive Ward (Shield)/Absorb Ward (Shield) Spells:
Negative Damage Ward (Trap) Spells:
Sacrifice Minion Spells:
Casting another Shadow Self (Shadow Self) spell
will cause the original Backlash damage to be dealt,
and a fresh Backlash count to take its place
Polymorph Spells will cancel out Wizards'
current Shadow Spell and deal the accumulated Backlash
Casting a Shadow Creature (Shadow Creature) will cause the Backlash to stack

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