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(Spell) Krampus.png
Spell Information
School(Icon) Fire.png
Pip Cost4
Type(Icon) Damage.png / (Icon) Charm.png
Deals 305-345 Fire Damage and
-45% Accuracy to the next outgoing Spell to target
Krampus Spell Animation
Acquisition Information
No Trainers offer this Spell
No Quests reward this Spell
Dropped By
Spell Recipes
Card Packs
No Spells are required in order to learn Krampus
Prerequisite For
No Spells require Krampus to be learned

Spellwrighting Tiers


(Spell) Krampus.png
Tier 1
Spellements Required: 35
(Spell) Krampus Tier 2a.png
Tier 2 - Branch 1
Spellements Required: 75
(Spell) Krampus Tier 2b.png
Tier 2 - Branch 2
Spellements Required: 75
(Spell) Krampus Tier 3a.png
Tier 3 - Branch 1
Spellements Required: 115
(Spell) Krampus Tier 3b.png
Tier 3 - Branch 2
Spellements Required: 115

Spell Enchantments

EnchantmentSpell BonusItem Card BonusImage(s)
IndemnityPrevent 1 RemovalN/AIndemnity
Keen Eyes+10%+10%Keen Eyes
Accurate+15%+15%, +20%AccurateAccurate Variant
Extraordinary+25%/+15%+35%/+20%ExtraordinaryExtraordinary Variant
Strong+100+100, +125StrongStrong Variant
Giant+125+125, +150GiantGiant Variant
Gargantuan+225+225, +235GargantuanGargantuan Variant
Colossal+275+300ColossalColossal Variant
Epic+300+300, +315EpicEpic Variant

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