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Reagent:Stone Block

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Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
A Stone Block
RarityNormal Harvest
Sell Price2 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 417532
5 - 912328
10 - 248825
25 - 397021
40 - 746018
75 - 1244914
125 - 1593911
160 - 224339
225 - 299287
300 - 399255
400 - 499214
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Can Drop Rare Harvest:
Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Artisan's Downpour Laurel
Artisan's Embering Laurel
Artisan's Forlorn Laurel
Boneleaf Hood
Bright Hat of the Paragon
Brighthonor Mantle
Cloudguard Coif
Coif of the Fair Winds
Cowl of Weighty Grief
Cryptflame Veil
Dreambrand Headwrap
Duskwind Hat
Embermuse Hat
Fireleaf Cap
Flamesoul Mantle
Frosted Cap of Legend
Frostmourn Cowl
Frostsoul Hat
Gentlewise Cowl
Ghastly Mantle of Mystery
Glider's Helm of Equality
Gloomwarden Coif
Grimblaze Cowl
Hailfire Headgear
Hailstone Hood
Hat of Answered Questions
Hat of Blazing Honor
Helm of the Ordered Spirit
Hood of Icy Composure
Hopespring Shroud
Icebloom Hood
Iceruin Cap
Lifegrave Hat
Merrygale Headwrap
Neverwinter Coif
Puzzling Veil of Stasis
Raintree Headwrap
Shadowsong Shroud
Simmersleet Hat
Sleetward Shroud
Sorrowgale Hat
Surging Hood of Wisdom
Thunderchill Hood
Thundermuse Cowl
Vigorous Cowl of Invention
Winterflame Hood
Artisan's Frigid Toga
Artisan's Stately Toga
Artisan's Toga of Vigor
Boneleaf Raiment
Bright Surcoat of the Paragon
Brighthonor Raiment
Cloak of Icy Composure
Cloak of Weighty Grief
Cloudguard Vestment
Coat of Answered Questions
Coat of Blazing Honor
Cryptflame Cloak
Dreambrand Longcoat
Duskwind Tunic
Embermuse Robe
Fireleaf Clothing
Flamesoul Cloak
Frosted Jerkin of Legend
Frostmourn Robe
Frostsoul Clothing
Gentlewise Longcoat
Ghastly Robe of Mystery
Gloomwarden Vestment
Grimblaze Vestment
Hailfire Jerkin
Hailstone Longcoat
Hopespring Vestment
Icebloom Tunic
Iceruin Smock
Lifegrave Robe
Longcoat of the Fair Winds
Merrygale Coat
Neverwinter Raiment
Puzzling Tunic of Stasis
Raintree Uniform
Shadowsong Robe
Simmersleet Cloak
Sleetward Outfit
Sorrowgale Longcoat
Surging Tunic of Wisdom
Thunderchill Cloak
Thundermuse Tunic
Tunic of the Ordered Spirit
Vigorous Coat of Invention
Winterflame Cloak
Artisan's Forlorn Sandals
Artisan's Scholarly Shoes
Artisan's Shoes of Embers
Boneleaf Waders
Boots of Answered Questions
Boots of Icy Composure
Bright Footgear of the Paragon
Brighthonor Boots
Cloudguard Footwraps
Cryptchill Sandals
Cryptflame Boots
Dawngrave Strollers
Dreambrand Footwraps
Dreamfire Sandals
Dreamwarden Boots
Duskfire Sandals
Duskwind Shoes
Emberflood Shoes
Embermuse Shoes
Evenbloom Striders
Everfrost Footgear
Fairmuse Slippers
Firebleak Striders
Firebloom Walkers
Firefrost Boots
Fireleaf Footwear
Firetide Striders
Flamesign Shoes
Flamesoul Footgear
Flarefrost Footwraps
Floodfire Boots
Footgear of Blazing Honor
Footwear of Weighty Grief
Frosted Boots of Legend
Frostguard Boots
Frostleaf Walkers
Frostsage Boots
Frostsoul Boots
Gentlewise Boots
Ghastly Boots of Mystery
Gloomchill Boots
Gloomsaga Striders
Gloomwarden Walkers
Glowmuse Slippers
Grimblaze Sandals
Grimfancy Footguards
Hailfire Boots
Honorbane Boots
Hopespring Striders
Icebark Striders … further results
Deep-Deep Desert Charm
Artisan's Cold Heart Spear
Artisan's Spear of Elation
Artisan's Spear of Honor
Coatl's Sharp Obsidian Kiss
Copper Scale Striker
Dark Sky's Thunder Bite
Defender of the Night Lords
Green Venom of Mother Snake
New Fire Serpent Fang
Scales of Time
Winter's Venom Blade
Lifebringer's Athame
Poniard of Gallantry
Possibility Dirk
Spine of the Dragon
Constellation Jewel
Desert Stone of Gall
Die Another Day Ring
Hopper Ring of Spine-Chills
Hopper Ring of Visions
Jewel of Instinct
Long Lost Ring
Ring of Desert Blazes
Ring of Discovery
Ring of Insight
Ring of the Day's Death
Seal of Impetus
Seal of Might
Signet of the Sand Devil
Aero Dwarf Bookshelf
Aero Dwarf Trunk
Aero Dwarf Worktable
Arch-Backed Chair
Azteca Altar
Azteca Archway
Azteca Cart
Azteca Kiln
Azure Azteca Column
Baba Yaga Statue
Bright Stone Tower
Burrower Lectern
Carved Stone Pedestal
Carved Stone Tower
Dino Bed
Dino Pillar
Door Single Azteca Block
Door Single Castle Block
Empty Sarcophagus
Fire Dwarf Box
Flame Tablet
Flat Roof Md Castle Block
Floor Md Azteca Block
Floor Md Wood Block
Floor Sm Inlaid Azteca Block
Floor XS Castle Block
Floor-Ceiling Md Long Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling Sm Wood Block
Gear Vault
Gold Azteca Column
Ice Dwarf Box
Ignus Ferric Statue
Ione Virga Statue
Jaki Whisperwind Statue
Jar of Mushrooms
Kalamar Bed
Kalamar Bookshelf
Kalamar Chest
Kermes Fire
Large Astral Tent
Low Statue Base
Male Mannequin
Mantis Obelisk
Medium Fir Tree
Nimbari Bed
Nimbari Bookshelf
Nimbari Sofa
Obscure Codex
Possessed Grave … further results
Transmute Fossil
Transmute Frost Flower
Transmute Lava Lily
Transmute Pyrite
Transmute Sandstone
Transmute Scrap Iron
Funnel Cake
Treasure Cards:
Buff Minion
Death Shield
Dream Shield
Elemental Blade
Ether Shield
Evil Snowman
Fire Shield
Glacial Shield
Ice Wyvern
Keen Eyes
Legend Shield
Life Shield
Locust Swarm
Myth Shield
Nature's Wrath
Shield Minion
Snow Shield
Spirit Armor
Storm Shark
Storm Shield
Thermic Shield
Tower Shield
Volcanic Shield

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