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Card image
Card Text
A small Spring
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price18 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 41750315
5 - 91225280
10 - 24875245
25 - 39700210
40 - 74595175
75 - 124490140
125 - 159385105
160 - 22433388
225 - 29928070
300 - 39924553
400 - 49921035
Found as a Rare Harvest from Scrap Iron in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Adept's Radiant Laurel
Poetic Chieftain's Helm
Adept's Raincloud Toga
Arctic Robe of the Maelstrom
Armor of Grandiosity
Ashen Snow Jerkin
Barbaric Jerkin
Blazing Tunic of the Opus
Bleak Cipher Jerkin
Blustery Robe of Legend
Bright Eidolon Cloak
Brisk Coat of Loyalty
Burning Coat of the Wind
Burnt Uniform of Balance
Chief's Garb of Might
Chill Jacket of the Cyclone
Chilled Cloak of Acumen
Chimerical Flux Garment
Cloak of Fearful Symmetry
Cloak of the Catacombs
Cloak of the Harmonious Soul
Coat of Mordant Myth
Costume of Cold Curses
Crackling Smock of Eternity
Drape of the Missing Answer
Eloquent Drape
Fair Cloak of Ardor
Firedreamer's Armor
Frosty Coat of the Hearth
Frosty Robe of Felicity
Frozen Armor of Harmony
Frozen Opus Tunic
Frozen Tale Robe
Glimmering Coat of Neutrality
Ice Burnt Armor
Kin-Bound Surcoat
Longcoat of the Final Embers
Lost Harmony Jacket
Pyro's Carefree Tunic
Radiant Cloak of Exuberance
Raiment of Blazing Bolts
Raiment of the Lost Order
Robe of Searing Justice
Robe of the Lost Torrent
Scorched Cloak of the Chill
Scorched Smock of Sorrow
Singed Surcoat of Vigor
Sky Dreamer Raiment
Smoldering Tunic of Ash
Snowstorm Tunic
Snowy Smock of Sorrow
Soul Legend Coat … further results
Adept's Wintry Sandals
Barbaric Footwear
Boots of Living Legend
Cursed Clogs of Curiosity
Darkstorm Stalkers
Epic Ice Runners
Fatal Footgear of Fables
Forgotten Fire Striders
Haunted Versatility Walkers
Hornbound Boots
Prince of the Sky Footgarb
Spirited Stalkers of Chaos
Striders of the Wyrd
Time of Legend Boots
Walkers of Natural Law
Wraps of Derring-Do
Wrought Steel Boots
Dawnfire Necklace
Moon of Talos Amulet
Adept's Windstorm Spear
Blade of Storm's Fury
Garnet Bear Claw
Ethereal Ring
Shield Circle of Zamunda
Wintertusk Ring of Courage
Aero Dwarf Worktable
Bumbler Honey Bowl
Bumbler Honey Box
Celestian Vase
Decorative Gong
Dinosaur Statue Azteca Block
Gobblergoyle Castle Block
Kitchen Ware Pots
Male Mannequin
Marble Watch Tower
Plain Wooden Table
Pot of Soup
Tall Whopper Aquarium
Tapestry to Regent's Square
Umbra Vessel
Wooden Wall Clock
Wyrm-Footed Table
Digmoore Pogo Stick
Ravenwood Pogo Stick
Deer Knight
Goat Monk
Handsome Fomori
Ninja Pigs
Queen Calypso (Spell)
Treasure Cards:
Elemental Blade

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