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Reagent:Scrap Iron

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Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
A piece of Scrap Iron
RarityNormal Harvest
Sell Price4 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 437568
5 - 926360
10 - 2418853
25 - 3915045
40 - 7412838
75 - 12410530
125 - 1598323
160 - 2247119
225 - 2996015
300 - 3995311
400 - 499458
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Can Drop Rare Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Adventure Talent Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Arctic Cowl of the Maelstrom
Artisan's Embering Laurel
Artisan's Forlorn Laurel
Artisan's Laurel of Vigor
Artisan's Scholarly Laurel
Blazing Hat of the Opus
Bleak Cipher Shroud
Blustery Hat of Legend
Bright Eidolon Mantle
Brisk Cap of Loyalty
Burning Hood of the Wind
Cap of Searing Justice
Cap of the Final Embers
Chill Cowl of the Cyclone
Chilled Coif of Acumen
Chimerical Flux Hood
Cowl of Mordant Myth
Cowl of Twin Thunder
Cowl of the Lost Order
Crackling Cowl of Eternity
Crown of the Three Spirits
Desert Trader's Shroud
Fair Hat of Ardor
Frosty Hat of Felicity
Frosty Hood of the Hearth
Frozen Opus Cowl
Glimmering Hat of Neutrality
Hat of Gallows Humor
Hat of the Harmonious Soul
Helm of the Wind Glider
Hood of Desert Rains
Hood of Fearful Symmetry
Hood of Harmonious Trade
Hood of the Icy Antithesis
Hood of the Icy Elegy
Horned Helmet
Knightly Helm
Lost Harmony Hat
Mantle of the Lost Torrent
Mischievous Chac's Crown
Radiant Veil of Exuberance
Royal Storm Crown of Azteca
Scorched Cowl of the Chill
Silvertongue Cowl
Singed Hood of Vigor
Smoldering Cap of Ash
Snowy Shroud of Sorrow
Soul Legend Cap
Soulful Cap of the Grave
Thundering Hat of Neutrality … further results
Artisan's Downpour Toga
Artisan's Scholarly Toga
Artisan's Stately Toga
Artisan's Toga of Vigor
Glider's Starfall Armor
Poet's Robe
Artisan's Downpour Shoes
Artisan's Forlorn Sandals
Artisan's Frigid Sandals
Artisan's Scholarly Shoes
Banded Boots
Guard of the Sun Fire Boots
Ravenous Sun Shaman's Boots
Wraps of Derring-Do
Hopper's Dustdevil Jewel
The ArcaneArchitect's Set
Artisan's Spear of Elation
Artisan's Spear of Honor
Artisan's Spear of Insight
Artisan's Waterspout Spear
Grey Mantis Halberd
Halberd of Harsh Reality
Halberd of the Polar Vortex
Spear of Ancient Words
Spear of Calamitous Intent
Spear of Mantis Wrath
Spear of Scalding
Spear of the Fifth Column
Cinder Mandibles of Sardonyx
Hopper Blade of Sandstorms
Hopper's Edge of Extinction
Horn of the Unicorn
Mantis Thorn of Deception
Stinger of the Scorpion
Cinnabar Calendar Ring
Circle of the Lords of Night
Coatl Earth Mother's Ring
Constellation Jewel
Long Count Ring
Ring of Xibalba
Signet of Aptitude
Silver and Jade Serpent Seal
Sky Knight's Challenge Ring
Stone of the Wave Tamer
Azteca Brazier
Barkingham Palace Tapestry
Barnstable Stove
Blue Teleporter
Broken Jail Cell
Burrower Heavy Weapon Rack
Burrower Light Weapon Rack
Carved Stone Tower
Crenellation Castle Block
Customizable Framed Sign
Cyan Teleporter
Darkmoor Wrought Iron Fence
Eagle War Shield
Fancy Counter
Female Mannequin
Floor Med 2 Story Wood Block
Floor-Ceiling Lg 2 Story Azteca Block
Glowing Fancy Lamppost
Gold Place Setting
Green Teleporter
Karamelle Mine Cart
Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Shelf Stand
Kitchen Shelf Unit
Kitchen Shelves
Kitchen Ware Pots
Kitchen Ware Rack
Large Clay Jar
Large Mixing Table
Licorice Tree Stump
Mixing Table
Orange Teleporter
Ornate Golden Candlestick
Ornate Sideboard
Purple Teleporter
Red Teleporter
Rootbeer Cask
Round Stone Column
Solar Tablet
Tapestry to Regent's Square
Tapestry to Walruskberg
Tower Door Castle Block
Umbra Coffer
Umbra Table
Umbra Vessel
Wall Crenulation Azteca Block
Wall Sconce
Weapon Rack
White Teleporter … further results
Digmoore Pogo Stick
Ravenwood Pogo Stick
Transmute Shell
Transmute Spring
Angry Snowpig
Athena Battle Sight
Brimstone Revenant
Hammer of Thor
Keeper of the Flame
Lord of Night
Luminous Weaver
Savage Paw
Winter Moon
Treasure Cards:
Cat Bandit
Death Trap
Elemental Trap
Ice Trap
Life Trap
Myth Trap
Ninja Pig
Skeletal Pirate
Spectral Blast
Spirit Trap
Storm Trap
To Regents Square

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