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Card image
Card Text
Some Fish Scales
Sell Price40 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 44000720
5 - 92800640
10 - 242000560
25 - 391600480
40 - 741360400
75 - 1241120320
125 - 159880240
160 - 224760200
225 - 299640160
300 - 399560120
400 - 49948080
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Baobab's Spirit Hood
Bone Chilling Brim
Darkstorm Topper
Electric Chieftain's Helm
Epic Ice Mantle
Everlasting Thunder Cap
Fabled Brim of Bane
Facade of Natural Law
Fantastic Coif of Equity
Firedreamer's Helmet
Frozen Breath Shroud
Frozen Tale Topper
Haunted Helm of Parity
Howling Headdress of Fire
Illusive Flame Topper
Lamented Life Mask
Mask of Turbulent Tales
Noble Explorer's Safari Hat
Spirited Cowl of Chaos
Stormstrife Hat
Surging Spirit Helm
Thunderfair Headdress
Thundering Ice Mantle
Abiding Spirits' Vestments
Armor of Grandiosity
Barbaric Jerkin
Biting Cold Dream Jacket
Biting Winter Shaman's Skin
Burning Cold Garb
Chief's Garb of the Gale
Costume of Cold Curses
Double Rainbow Robes
Eloquent Drape
Eye of the Storm Gear
Fire Valley Chief's Garb
Frozen Armor of Harmony
Frozen Tale Robe
High Theropod Raiment
Howling Garment of Fire
Ice Burnt Armor
Lizard House Warrior Armor
Raiment of Turbulent Tales
Robes of the Icewind Doctor
Shivering Breath Robes
Snowstorm Tunic
Stormstrife Tunic
Stout Coat of Black Ice
Surcoat of the Wyrd
Surging Spirit Armor
Thunderfair Cloak
Thundering Ice Outfit
Weight of the World Cloak
Wintersoul Outfit
Bold Doctor's Nightmare Boots
Boots of Darkwind
Boots of the Cold Sun Pyramid
Boots of the Other Lizard
Chillgrave Footguards
Dark House Wraps
Eye of the Storm Guards
Freezing Flame Rangers
Heart of Cold Hikers
Hungry Night Wraps
Ice Croc's Heavy Waders
Icewind Shaman's Skaters
Impala's Graceful Dancers
Lizard House Warrior Boots
Mischievous Chac's Boots
Noble Boots of the Ancestors
Philosoraptor's High Wraps
Striders of the Wyrd
Tyrant of Winter's Boots
Walkers of the Hungry Dead
Wintery Wildbeest's Clompers
World Stepping Boots
Wraps of Derring-Do
Wrought Steel Boots
Charm of Stony Snakes
Earthquake Amulet
Empowered Talisman
Lifetree Amulet
Sanctuary Collar
Skystorm Necklace
Smoking Vial
Triskelion Torc
Triton's Torc
Valor's Blood Necklace
Vial of Judgement
Epic Deck
Fiery Deck
Maelstrom Deck
Resolute Deck
Sub Zero Deck
Undead Deck
Virtuous Deck
Everlasting Staff
Grey Mantis Halberd
Hammer of the Stone Sky
Rod of Rime
Staff of Stasis
Storied Spyglass
Trident of Typhoons
Volcanic Staff
Wicked Wand
Celestial Dagger
Cosmic Kris
Diplomatic Dagger
Dirk of Unknown Origin
Edge of Echoes
Esteemed Edge
Survivor's Shortblade
Topaz Bear Claw
Troika Dagger of Harmony
Astonishing Ring
Band of the Great Apes
Celestian Ring
Circle of Lion's Honor
Drum Jungle Shelter Ring
Elephant's Tusked Loop
Lion's Seal of Pride
Olyphant's War Ring
Ring of Ancient Powers
Ring of Awakening
Shield Circle of Zamunda
Stunning Celestian Signet
Wintertusk Ring of Bravery
Bumbler Honey Cup
Burrower Burial Urn
Burrower Lectern
Celestian Crescent Artifact
Celestian Lamp
Celestian Planter
Celestian Vase
Coconut Drink
Conga Drum
Dinosaur Statue Azteca Block
Diving Helmet
Dog Biscuits
Gobblergoyle Castle Block
Leaning Palm Tree
Navy Shield
Pointy Bumbler Weapon Rack
Roof Inside Corner Castle Block
Round Tower Castle Block
Sharp Bumbler Weapon Rack
Shell Coat
Skinny Tiki Totem
Tiki Statue
Wall Starfish
Water-Mole Plate
Transmute Fin
Bone Fish 'N Harmony
Crab Louie
Fish Taco
Roly Poly Fishheads
Seafood Mocktail
Todd Po' Boys
Treasure Cards:
Cloak (Sun)
Frost Giant

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