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Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
A small Sandstone
RarityNormal / Rare Harvest
Sell Price6 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 4625113
5 - 9438100
10 - 2431388
25 - 3925075
40 - 7421363
75 - 12417550
125 - 15913838
160 - 22411931
225 - 29910025
300 - 3998819
400 - 4997513
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Found as a Rare Harvest from Stone Block in:

Can Drop Rare Harvest:
Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Artisan's Downpour Laurel
Artisan's Embering Laurel
Artisan's Stately Laurel
Ashen Snow Hood
Balanced Brimstone Brim
Cap of Tragic Tolerance
Coalescent Ice Cap
Coif of Living Legend
Fatal Cowl of Fables
Forgotten Fire Helm
Harmonious Heart Helm
Lawful Thunder Hood
Mask of Mutual Mystery
Phantom Devotee's Helm
Sheltering Storm Cover
Soulsearing Headdress
Vibrant Chieftain's Helm
Abiding Spirits' Vestments
Armor of Avalon
Artisan's Forlorn Toga
Artisan's Frigid Toga
Artisan's Stately Toga
Chief's Garb of the Gale
Cloak of the Catacombs
Forest Hearth Tunic
Glider Armor of Stability
Kin-Bound Surcoat
Plate of Peerage
Raiment of the High Road
Silvertongue Smock
Stormcaller's Medicine Cloak
Weight of the World Cloak
Wyrd-Walker Coat
Adept's Radiant Sandals
Artisan's Forlorn Sandals
Artisan's Sandals of Vigor
Artisan's Shoes of Embers
Bold Doctor's Nightmare Boots
Eye of the Storm Guards
Great Adventurer's Greatboots
Horned Walkers
Howling Footgear of Fire
Knightly Boots
Noble Boots of the Ancestors
Poet's Footwraps
Stormstrife Stalkers
Surging Spirit Greaves
Thunderfair Footwear
Thundering Ice Striders
Valiant Boots of Firewalking
World Stepping Boots
Arcane Ampul
Deep-Deep Desert Charm
Northwind's Shielding Charm
Seal of the Seven Seas
Elder's Hand of Unity
Adept's Spear of the Bitter Cold
Artisan's Cold Heart Spear
Artisan's Spear of Furor
Artisan's Spear of Honor
Eyes of Judgement
Stave of Dread Rachias
Stave of Falling Skies
Stave of the Great Burn
Stave of the Great Magi
Stave of the Kondha Desert
Stave of the Old Times
Stave of the Winter Scorpion
Topaz Bear Claw
Silver Petal Band
Zelda's Signet of Guidance
Azteca Altar
Azteca Archway
Azteca Kiln
Azure Azteca Column
Bank Box
Bank Chest
Bank Lockbox
Bank Strongbox
Bank Trunk
Bank Vault
Burrower Burial Urn
Burrower Ceremonial Urn
Burrower Lectern
Burrower Pot
Castle Tours Apartment
Celestian Magician Statue
Celestian Tree Sprig
Celestian Warrior Statue
Cephalopod Obelisk
Dino Bed
Dino Pillar
Empty Sarcophagus
Gear Vault
Gold Azteca Column
Jewel Vault
Large Small Fry Multi-Tank
Lollypop Column
Magic Mirror
Obscure Codex
Plain Burrower Urn
Pyramid Roof Castle Block
Roof Pyramid Azteca Block
Round Tower Castle Block
Tall Keeper Multi-Tank
Tool Rack
Tower Music Box
Water-Mole Table
Transmute Sunstone
Treasure Cards:
Fire Dragon
Power Nova

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