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Reagent:Perfect Ruby

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Card image
Card Text
A perfect Ruby
Sell Price5 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 450090
5 - 935080
10 - 2425070
25 - 3920060
40 - 7417050
75 - 12414040
125 - 15911030
160 - 2249525
225 - 2998020
300 - 3997015
400 - 4996010
Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Alphoi Trooper Helm
Ashen Snow Hood
Blazing Chieftain's Helm
Burnt Hood of Balance
Fierce Alphoi Mantle
Firedreamer's Helmet
Great Adventurer's Fiery Brim
Knightly Helm
Pyro's Carefree Cap
Scorched Coif of Sorrow
Veil of Blazing Bolts
Alphoi Trooper Armor
Ashen Snow Jerkin
Burning Bitey Cloak
Burnt Uniform of Balance
Chief's Garb of Flames
Eloquent Drape
Fierce Alphoi Surcoat
Fire Valley Chief's Garb
Firedreamer's Armor
Hornbound Tunic
Ingonyama's Burning Robe
Longcoat of Legacy
Longdreamer's Smoking Skin
Poet's Robe
Pyro's Carefree Tunic
Raiment of Blazing Bolts
Robes of the Blazing Sun
Scorched Smock of Sorrow
Stormfire Vestments
Wildgrave Garment
Wrought Steel Sheath
Alphoi Trooper Boots
Ashen Snow Striders
Banded Boots
Blazing Cheetah's Gliders
Boots of Peerage
Boots of Wyldfire
Burnt Shoes of Balance
Fierce Alphoi Boots
Fire Lion Ravager's Boots
Firedreamer's Footguards
Hornbound Boots
Mischievous Chac's Boots
Pyro's Carefree Boots
Sandals of Embassy
Scorched Shoes of Sorrow
Shoes of Blazing Bolts
Spotted Fire Leopard's Pads
Stormfire Rangers
Walking on the Sun Boots
Woodland Tribal Striders
Woodwarden's Shoes
Alphoi Trooper Medallion
Fervent Charm
Hopper's Desert Relic
Smoking Vial
Terrible Sun Amulet
Deck of the Dragon's Maw (Square)
Deck of the Dragon's Maw (Tear)
Deck of the Dragon's Maw (Triangle)
Dragonbone Pasteboards
Fiery Deck
The BlazingWind's Arcana
Alphoi Trooper Glaive
Ignus' Focused Torchstaff
Ignus' Legendary Torchstaff
Spear of Scalding
Volcanic Staff
Alphoi Trooper Knife
Athame of the BlazingWind
Alphoi Trooper Ring
Raptorial Sentry's Loop
Ring of Desert Blazes
Azteca Brazier
Bumbler Honey Pot
Burrower Heavy Weapon Rack
Cephalopod Obelisk
Customizable Gravestone Sign
Feathered Throne
Hopper Firepit
Kermes Fire
Outer Yard Tapestry
Red Teleporter
Roof Corner Azteca Block
Roof Corner Castle Block
Tapestry to Crescent Beach
Windowed Tower Castle Block
Fire Jewel 65 - 85
Fire Jewel 75 - 95
Fire Jewel 85 - 105
Fire Jewel 95 - 115
Fire Whirlwind
Sunflower Hearts
Brimstone Revenant
Krampus (Spell)
Savage Paw
Treasure Cards:
Fire Dragon

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