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Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
A chunk of Ore
RarityNormal Harvest
Sell Price2 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 417532
5 - 912328
10 - 248825
25 - 397021
40 - 746018
75 - 1244914
125 - 1593911
160 - 224339
225 - 299287
300 - 399255
400 - 499214
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Can Drop Rare Harvest:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Adept's Devious Mantle
Adept's Judicial Laurel
Adept's Laurel of Truth
Adept's Mantle of Winter
Adept's Poetic Laurel
Adept's Radiant Laurel
Adept's Raincloud Mantle
Allegorical Cowl of the Arctic
Balanced Cowl of Legend
Blighted Hat of the Mirage
Cap of Grim Elan
Cap of the Grimfreeze
Charnel Rain Cowl
Chilly Veil of Neutrality
Cowl of the Gleaming Havoc
Cowl of the Icy Deep
Cowl of the Spirit Stream
Desolate Hood of Vigor
Elegaic Headwrap of Ice
Enigmatic Cowl of Grief
Fabled Shore Mantle
Fire Typhoon Cap
Flaming Cap of the Tomb
Flaming Mantle of Fables
Frost Lightning Hood
Hat of the Essence Flurry
Headdress of Fiery Zest
Headwrap of Life's Cycle
Headwrap of the Ice Scale
Hood of the Arctic Flame
Hood of the Funeral Pyre
Hood of the Spirit Fire
Hood of the Vivid Opus
Living Mantle
Mantle of the Fireblizzard
Mirthful Hood of the Cipher
Mythic Cap of the Shore
Rainy Veil of the Lacuna
Sage's Headgear of Honor
Shroud of the Glowing Fable
Smoldering Hat of Equity
Steady Mantle of Woe
Thundering Hood of Stasis
Veil of the Burning Principle
Veil of the Frozen Hero
Versatile Hat of the Haze
Vigilant Horizon Cap
Vivid Hat of Discovery
Zealous Tide Hat
Adept's Devious Toga
Adept's Judicial Toga
Adept's Poetic Toga
Adept's Radiant Toga
Adept's Raincloud Toga
Adept's Stirring Toga
Adept's Wintry Toga
Allegorical Cloak of the Arctic
Armor of Starfrost
Balanced Coat of Legend
Blighted Robe of the Mirage
Charnel Rain Raiment
Chilly Tunic of Neutrality
Cloak of Life's Cycle
Cloak of the Essence Flurry
Cloak of the Frozen Hero
Cloak of the Gleaming Havoc
Coat of the Arctic Flame
Coat of the Burning Principle
Coat of the Ice Scale
Desolate Tunic of Vigor
Drape of the Fireblizzard
Elegaic Tunic of Ice
Enigmatic Robe of Grief
Fabled Shore Longcoat
Fire Typhoon Robe
Flaming Cloak of the Tomb
Flaming Robe of Fables
Frost Lightning Vestment
Jerkin of the Spirit Stream
Longcoat of Grim Elan
Mirthful Tunic of the Cipher
Mythic Coat of the Shore
Overcoat of Fiery Zest
Prince of the Sky Robes
Raiment of the Funeral Pyre
Rainy Coat of the Lacuna
Robe of the Essence Flurry
Robe of the Icy Deep
Sages Cloak of Honor
Smock of the Glowing Fable
Smoldering Jerkin of Equity
Steady Vestment of Woe
Surcoat of the Spirit Fire
Thundering Coat of Stasis
Tunic of the Grimfreeze
Tunic of the Vivid Opus
Versatile Cloak of the Haze
Vigilant Horizon Robe
Vivid Cloak of Discovery … further results
Adept's Devious Sandals
Adept's Guiding Sandals
Adept's Judicial Shoes
Adept's Poetic Boots
Adept's Radiant Sandals
Adept's Raincloud Shoes
Adept's Wintry Sandals
Allegorical Boots of the Arctic
Balanced Shoes of Legend
Blighted Wraps of the Mirage
Boneleaf Waders
Boots of Answered Questions
Boots of Grim Elan
Boots of Icy Composure
Boots of the Burning Principle
Boots of the Essence Flurry
Boots of the Glowing Fable
Boots of the Grimfreeze
Boots of the Icy Deep
Bright Footgear of the Paragon
Brighthonor Boots
Charnel Rain Striders
Chilly Sandals of Neutrality
Cloudguard Footwraps
Cryptflame Boots
Desolate Boots of Vigor
Dreambrand Footwraps
Duskwind Shoes
Elegaic Boots of Ice
Embermuse Shoes
Enigmatic Walkers of Grief
Fabled Shore Waders
Fire Typhoon Boots
Fireleaf Footwear
Flamesoul Footgear
Flaming Sandals of the Tomb
Flaming Shoes of Fable
Footgear of Blazing Honor
Footgear of the Frozen Hero
Footgear of the Spirit Fire
Footwear of Weighty Grief
Footwraps of Fiery Zest
Frost Lightning Footwraps
Frosted Boots of Legend
Frostsoul Boots
Gentlewise Boots
Ghastly Boots of Mystery
Gloomwarden Walkers
Grimblaze Sandals
Hailfire Boots … further results
Token of the Underworld Sun
Trader's Snowdrift Charm
Adept's Charred Spear
Adept's Spear of Destiny
Adept's Spear of Fortitude
Adept's Spear of Havoc
Adept's Spear of Valor
Adept's Spear of the Bitter Cold
Adept's Windstorm Spear
Baba Yaga's Legendary Mace
Copper Scale Striker
Ignus' Legendary Torchstaff
Ione's Legendary Sword
Jaki's Legendary Bow
Qismah's Legendary Dagger
Tarrak's Legendary Frostome
Zander's Legendary Staff
Changeling Knife
Golden Eagle's Razor Beak
Green Edge of Midnight Moon
Horn of the Unicorn
Inspirational Blade
Mercurial Dagger
Zero Cat's Passionate Blade
Band of Attunement
Band of Incentive
Band of Intuition
Coruscating Ring
Jewel of Identity
Jewel of Instinct
Jewel of Principle
Ring of Elation
Seal of Impetus
Baba Yaga Statue
Female Mannequin
Floor Md Castle Block
Floor Md Inlaid Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling Lg Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling Lg Wood Block
Floor-Ceiling Sm Castle Block
Glowing Fancy Lampost
Gold Azteca Column
Gold and Azure Chest
Ignus Ferric Statue
Ione Virga Statue
Ironbound Dresser
Jaki Whisperwind Statue
Marble Watch Tower
Md Flr-Clg Azteca Block B
Ornamental Stepstone
Ornate Burrower Chair
Qismah Shasa Statue
Small Myth Stone Pedestal
Spired Bed
Staircase Azteca Block B
Stairs Narrow Castle Block
Stone Brazier
Tapestry to Crescent Beach
Tapestry to The Basilica
Tarrak Hadfield Statue
Umbra Bench
Wall Corner Azteca Block
Wall Corner Castle Block
Wall Sconce
Water Fountain
Weapon Rack
Wooden Wall Clock
Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf
Wyrm-Footed Dresser
Wyrm-Footed Table
Wyrm-Stand Table
Wyrm-Style Endtable
Zander Statue
Transmute Black Lotus
Transmute Diamond
Transmute Lava Lily
Transmute Scrap Iron
7 Layer Taco
Star Lollipop
Tomato Soup
Treasure Cards:
Drain Health
Draw Health
Draw Power
Evil Snowman
Frost Beetle
Sap Health
Sap Power
Siphon Health
Steal Health
Take Power

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