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Card image
Card Text
A small Onyx
Sell Price1 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 47514
5 - 95312
10 - 243811
25 - 39309
40 - 74268
75 - 124216
125 - 159175
160 - 224144
225 - 299123
300 - 399112
400 - 49992
Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Bleak Cipher Shroud
Blighted Hat of the Mirage
Cap of Grim Elan
Cap of the Grimfreeze
Charnel Rain Cowl
Cowl of Weighty Grief
Cowl of the Gleaming Havoc
Cowl of the Lost Order
Crackling Cowl of Eternity
Cryptchill Cap
Dawngrave Cap
Duskfire Cowl
Firebleak Headgear
Ghastly Mantle of Mystery
Gloomchill Mantle
Gloomsaga Headwrap
Grimblaze Cowl
Grimfancy Veil
Honorbane Shroud
Hood of the Funeral Pyre
Iceruin Cap
Lifegrave Hat
Necrosoul Cowl
Smoldering Cap of Ash
Snowy Shroud of Sorrow
Sorrowgale Hat
Sorrowscale Shroud
Sorrowstream Hood
Soulful Cap of the Grave
Steady Mantle of Woe
Thunderblight Hood
Bleak Cipher Jerkin
Blighted Robe of the Mirage
Charnel Rain Raiment
Cloak of Weighty Grief
Crackling Smock of Eternity
Cryptchill Robe
Dawngrave Robe
Duskfire Vestment
Firebleak Coat
Ghastly Robe of Mystery
Gloomchill Tunic
Gloomsaga Vestment
Grimblaze Vestment
Grimfancy Surcoat
Honorbane Smock
Iceruin Smock
Lifegrave Robe
Longcoat of Grim Elan
Necrosoul Robe
Raiment of the Cataclysm
Raiment of the Funeral Pyre
Raiment of the Lost Order
Smoldering Tunic of Ash
Snowy Smock of Sorrow
Sorrowgale Longcoat
Sorrowscale Raiment
Sorrowstream Tunic
Soulful Longcoat of the Grave
Steady Vestment of Woe
Thunderblight Vestment
Tunic of the Grimfreeze
Bleak Cipher Striders
Blighted Wraps of the Mirage
Boots of Grim Elan
Boots of the Grimfreeze
Charnel Rain Striders
Crackling Footwraps of Eternity
Cryptchill Sandals
Dawngrave Strollers
Duskfire Sandals
Firebleak Striders
Footgear of the Lost Order
Footwear of Weighty Grief
Ghastly Boots of Mystery
Gloomchill Boots
Gloomsaga Striders
Grimblaze Sandals
Grimfancy Footguards
Honorbane Boots
Iceruin Sandals
Lifegrave Footwear
Necrosoul Sandals
Shoes of the Funeral Pyre
Smoldering Sandals of Ash
Snowy Sandals of Sorrow
Sorrowgale Boots
Sorrowscale Footwear
Sorrowstream Boots
Soulful Footwear of the Grave
Steady Sandals of Woe
Thunderblight Striders
Blade of the PhantomKnight
Hatch All Eggs In Inventory
Archway Castle Block
Carol of the Bells Theme
Exquisite Desk
Floor Md Castle Block
Floor Md Inlaid Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling Md Castle Block
Md Flr-Clg Azteca Block A
Ravenscar Turntable
Regular Small Fry Aquarium
Tapestry to Castle Darkmoor
Tapestry to Castle Tours
Tapestry to Nightside
Tapestry to School of Death
Wall Archway Azteca Block
Death Jewel 15
Death Jewel 15 - 25
Death Jewel 15 - 35
Pet Jewel of Death
Treasure Cards:
Dark Sprite
Death Shield
Donate Power
Drain Health
Draw Health
Ether Shield
Legend Shield
Sap Health
Siphon Health
Spirit Blade
Spirit Trap
Steal Health

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