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Reagent:Mist Wood

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Card image
Harvest image for this Reagent
Card Text
A piece of Mist Wood
RarityNormal Harvest
Sell Price2 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 417532
5 - 912328
10 - 248825
25 - 397021
40 - 746018
75 - 1244914
125 - 1593911
160 - 224339
225 - 299287
300 - 399255
400 - 499214
Found as a Normal Harvest in:

Can Drop Rare Harvest:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Cryptchill Cap
Dawngrave Cap
Dreamfire Hood
Dreamwarden Hat
Duskfire Cowl
Emberflood Cap
Evenbloom Mantle
Everfrost Hood
Fairmuse Crown
Firebleak Headgear
Firebloom Topper
Firefrost Hat
Firetide Topper
Flamesign Cowl
Flarefrost Headwrap
Floodfire Hood
Frostguard Hood
Frostleaf Mantle
Frostsage Cowl
Gloomchill Mantle
Gloomsaga Headwrap
Glowmuse Headdress
Grimfancy Veil
Honorbane Shroud
Icebark Hood
Icycalm Coif
Lifedream Mantle
Lorestream Hat
Necrosoul Cowl
Sagadeep Cowl
Scatterbloom Veil
Sorrowscale Shroud
Sorrowstream Hood
Soulburner Mantle
Stormflower Shroud
Stormtide Mantle
Thunderblight Hood
Thundersight Cap
Thunderward Cap
Visionquest Mantle
Windsoul Hat
Winterdream Hood
Cryptchill Robe
Dawngrave Robe
Dreamfire Cloak
Dreamwarden Tunic
Duskfire Vestment
Emberflood Coat
Evenbloom Raiment
Everfrost Surcoat
Fairmuse Jerkin
Firebleak Coat
Firebloom Jerkin
Firefrost Cloak
Firetide Overcoat
Flamesign Robe
Flarefrost Longcoat
Floodfire Coat
Frostguard Cloak
Frostleaf Outfit
Frostsage Longcoat
Gloomchill Tunic
Gloomsaga Vestment
Glowmuse Uniform
Grimfancy Surcoat
Honorbane Smock
Icebark Tunic
Icycalm Cloak
Lifedream Vestment
Lorestream Cloak
Necrosoul Robe
Sagadeep Robe
Scatterbloom Smock
Sorrowscale Raiment
Sorrowstream Tunic
Soulburner Tunic
Stormflower Longcoat
Stormtide Vestment
Thunderblight Vestment
Thundersight Vestment
Thunderward Cloak
Visionquest Raiment
Windsoul Raiment
Winterdream Vestment
Cryptchill Sandals
Dawngrave Strollers
Dreamfire Sandals
Dreamwarden Boots
Duskfire Sandals
Emberflood Shoes
Evenbloom Striders
Everfrost Footgear
Fairmuse Slippers
Firebleak Striders
Firebloom Walkers
Firefrost Boots
Firetide Striders
Flamesign Shoes
Flarefrost Footwraps
Floodfire Boots
Frostguard Boots
Frostleaf Walkers
Frostsage Boots
Gloomchill Boots
Gloomsaga Striders
Glowmuse Slippers
Grimfancy Footguards
Honorbane Boots
Icebark Striders
Icycalm Climbers
Lifedream Stalkers
Lorestream Striders
Necrosoul Sandals
Sagadeep Footguards
Scatterbloom Boots
Sorrowscale Footwear
Sorrowstream Boots
Soulburner Footwraps
Stormflower Boots
Stormtide Sandals
Thunderblight Striders
Thundersight Footgear
Thunderward Footwraps
Visionquest Footwear
Windsoul Footwear
Winterdream Walkers
Conundrum Blade
Dagger of Absolution
Stiletto of Prowess
Stinger of the Scorpion
Band of Paradise
Band of Quintessence
Seal of the Seraphim
Signet of Perfection
Aero Dwarf Bookshelf
Aero Dwarf Trunk
Aero Dwarf Worktable
Avian Bed
Axe Rack
Azteca Canoe
Azteca Cart
Azteca Chair
Azteca Scaffolding
Baba Yaga Statue
Bank Box
Bank Chest
Bank Lockbox
Bank Strongbox
Bank Trunk
Bank Vault
Barrel with Cork
Basement Door
Beastman Chair
Beastman Seat
Bevelled Corner Counter
Bowl of Potatoes
Broken Plank
Bumbler Honey Box
Bumbler Honeybarrow
Bumbler Pollen Box
Burrower Bed
Burrower Bench
Burrower Bookshelf
Burrower Heavy Weapon Rack
Burrower Lectern
Burrower Light Weapon Rack
Burrower Table
Carved Atlatl
Carved Bookshelf
Castle Tours Apartment
Chain Reel
Door Double Azteca Block
Door Double Castle Block
Door Single Magic Azteca Block
Door Single Magic Castle Block
Dragon's Fjord
Exquisite Desk
Exquisite Dining Table
Fancy Canoe
Fancy Counter
Feathered Throne
Fire Dwarf Box
Floor Lg Castle Block
Floor Lg Inlaid Azteca Block … further results
Transmute Acorn
Transmute Frost Flower
Transmute Mandrake
Cherry Pie
Treasure Cards:
Blood Bat
Dark Sprite
Drain Health
Draw Health
Draw Power
Elemental Trap
Fire Cat
Fire Elf
Frost Beetle
Lightning Bats
Meteor Strike
Sap Health
Sap Power
Shield Minion
Snow Serpent
Spirit Blade
Steal Health
Take Power
Thunder Snake

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