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Reagent:Golden Pearl

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Note: Golden Pearls in Crab Alley come from only Pearls in the Waterworks.

Card image
Card Text
A Golden Pearl
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price35 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 43500630
5 - 92450560
10 - 241750490
25 - 391400420
40 - 741190350
75 - 124980280
125 - 159770210
160 - 224665175
225 - 299560140
300 - 399490105
400 - 49942070
Found as a Rare Harvest from Pearl in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Artisan's Frigid Laurel
Artisan's Scholarly Laurel
Artisan's Stately Laurel
Ashen Snow Hood
Balanced Brimstone Brim
Baobab's Spirit Hood
Bone Chilling Brim
Burnt Hood of Balance
Cap of Tragic Tolerance
Coalescent Ice Cap
Coif of Living Legend
Darkstorm Topper
Deadly Jungle Hood
Epic Ice Mantle
Everlasting Thunder Cap
Fabled Brim of Bane
Facade of Natural Law
Fantastic Coif of Equity
Fatal Cowl of Fables
Firedreamer's Helmet
Forgotten Fire Helm
Frozen Helm of Harmony
Frozen Tale Topper
Harmonious Heart Helm
Haunted Helm of Parity
Helm of Pure Ice
Howling Headdress of Fire
Ice Burnt Helmet
Illusive Flame Topper
Lamented Life Mask
Lawful Thunder Hood
Legendary Life Helm
Mask of Cold Chaos
Mask of Mutual Mystery
Mask of Secret Storms
Mask of Turbulent Tales
Pachyderm's Hat of Zeal
Poet's Hood
Pyro's Carefree Cap
Ravenous Sun Shaman's Hood
Scorched Coif of Sorrow
Snowstorm Cover
Soulsearing Headdress
Spirited Cowl of Chaos
Stormstrife Hat
Surging Spirit Helm
Thunderfair Headdress
Thundering Ice Mantle
Transcendent Laurel of Wisdom
Transcendent Monsoon Laurel … further results
Ananse's Great Storied Robes
Armor of Pure Ice
Armor of the Banneret
Artisan's Downpour Toga
Artisan's Forlorn Toga
Artisan's Toga of Embers
Ashen Snow Jerkin
Balanced Brimstone Tunic
Bone Chilling Tunic
Chief's Garb of the Cold
Coalescent Ice Cloak
Epic Ice Outfit
Firedreamer's Armor
Frozen Tale Robe
Great Adventurer's Epic Coat
Harmonious Heart Armor
High Road Surcoat
Howling Garment of Fire
Jerkin of Derring-Do
Outfit of Mutual Mystery
Prideful Cloak of Stormkings
Raiment of Natural Law
Raiment of Turbulent Tales
Raiment of the High Road
Robe of Living Legend
Snowstorm Tunic
Soulsearing Surcoat
Spirited Raiment of Chaos
Stormstrife Tunic
Surcoat of the Wyrd
Surging Spirit Armor
Thunderfair Cloak
Thundering Ice Outfit
Transcendent Frostfall Toga
Transcendent Monsoon Toga
Tunic of Tragic Tolerance
Vassal's Longcoat
Wrought Steel Sheath
Abiding Spirits Fabled Boots
Artisan's Frigid Sandals
Artisan's Sandals of Vigor
Artisan's Stately Sandals
Balanced Brimstone Boots
Bone Chilling Footguards
Boots of Grandiosity
Boots of Tragic Tolerance
Boots of the Wold
Coalescent Ice Boots
Footguards of Pure Ice
Footwraps of Legacy
Forgotten Fire Striders
Greaves of the Banneret
Harmonious Heart Greaves
Howling Footgear of Fire
Ice Croc's Heavy Waders
Impala's Graceful Dancers
Knightly Boots
Leopard's Boots of Dark Juju
Lizard House Warrior Boots
Mischievous Chac's Boots
New Fire Chac's Footguards
Noble Boots of the Ancestors
Pachyderm's Robust Boots
Riders of the Storm Rangers
Soulsearing Striders
Spider's Deadly Dancers
Spirited Stalkers of Chaos
Stalkers of Humility
Stormstrife Stalkers
Striders of the Wyrd
Surging Spirit Greaves
Thunderfair Footwear
Thundering Ice Striders
Transcendent Frostfall Shoes
Transcendent Sparking Sandals
Valiant Greaves
Walkers of Natural Law
Walkers of Turbulent Tales
Walking on the Sun Boots
Woodwarden's Shoes
Wyrd-Walker Wraps
Arcane Ampul
Charm of Stony Snakes
Crisp Choker
Earthquake Amulet
Fervent Charm
Forsaken Pendant
Jade Skycarrier Pendant
Pendant of Pandemonium
Proportional Pendant
Raven's Shadow Necklace
Sanctuary Collar
Seal of the Seven Seas
Triskelion Torc
Arcana of the Solar Arch
Fiery Deck
Pyramid Deck of Secrets
Undead Deck
Artisan's Spear of Furor
Artisan's Sunflare Spear
Artisan's Waterspout Spear
Baba Yaga's Legendary Mace
Ignus' Legendary Torchstaff
Ione's Legendary Sword
Jaki's Legendary Bow
Qismah's Legendary Dagger
Stave of Dread Rachias
Stave of Falling Skies
Stave of the Great Burn
Stave of the Great Magi
Stave of the Kondha Desert
Stave of the Old Times
Stave of the Winter Scorpion
Tarrak's Legendary Frostome
The Edge of the Green
Transcendent Cyclone Spear
Transcendent Numbing Spear
Trident of Typhoons
Zander's Legendary Staff
Cosmic Kris
Topaz Bear Claw
Zero Cat's Passionate Blade
Argent Rose Ring
Astonishing Ring
Band of Desert Mirages
Band of the Great Apes
Celestian Ring
Desert Stone of Gall
Die Another Day Ring
Dzorak's Ring of Shivers
Hopper Ring of Spine-Chills
Hopper Ring of Visions
Kinsman's Bond
Lion's Seal of Pride
Morgantine Signet
Raptorial Sentry's Loop
Ring of Ancient Powers
Ring of Awakening
Ring of Desert Blazes
Ring of Xibalba
Ring of the Day's Death
Ring of the Diabolica
Signet of the Sand Devil
Stellar Signet
Stone of the Wave Tamer
Stunning Celestian Signet
Three-Lobed Seal
Wintertusk Ring of Courage
Zed's Ring of the Dead
Zelda's Signet of Guidance
Blue Teleporter
Bumbler Bed
Bumbler Bench
Bumbler End Table
Bumbler Honeybarrow
Bumbler Honeycomb Table
Bumbler Throne
Carved Atlatl
Celestian Sconce
Celestian Tree Sprig
Customizable Gravestone Sign
Customizable Grizzleheim Sign
Cyan Teleporter
Dino Bed
Dino Pillar
Eagle War Shield
Gold Azteca Column
Green Teleporter
Large Keeper Multi-Tank
Orange Teleporter
Ornate Burrower Chair
Purple Teleporter
Red Teleporter
Spirit Caller Drum
Tall Small Fry Multi-Tank
Tapestry to Bastion
Tower Music Box
Water-Mole Table
Water-Mole Torch
White Teleporter
Yellow Teleporter
Transmute Amber
Ninja Pigs
Treasure Cards:
Cloak (Sun)

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