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Card image
Card Text
A small Fossil
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price10 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 41000180
5 - 9700160
10 - 24500140
25 - 39400120
40 - 74340100
75 - 12428080
125 - 15922060
160 - 22419050
225 - 29916040
300 - 39914030
400 - 49912020
Found as a Rare Harvest from Stone Block in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Locked Chests in:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Artisan's Frigid Laurel
Artisan's Stately Laurel
Balanced Brimstone Brim
Cap of Tragic Tolerance
Coalescent Ice Cap
Coif of Living Legend
Cryptchill Cap
Dawngrave Cap
Dire Chieftain's Helm
Dreamfire Hood
Dreamwarden Hat
Duskfire Cowl
Emberflood Cap
Evenbloom Mantle
Everfrost Hood
Everlasting Thunder Cap
Facade of Natural Law
Fairmuse Crown
Firebleak Headgear
Firebloom Topper
Firefrost Hat
Firetide Topper
Flamesign Cowl
Flarefrost Headwrap
Floodfire Hood
Frostguard Hood
Frostleaf Mantle
Frostsage Cowl
Gloomchill Mantle
Gloomsaga Headwrap
Glowmuse Headdress
Grimfancy Veil
Harmonious Heart Helm
Helm of Pure Ice
Honorbane Shroud
Hood of Lost Light
Icebark Hood
Icycalm Coif
Lawful Thunder Hood
Lifedream Mantle
Lorestream Hat
Mantis Cowl of Lamentation
Mantle of Gliders' Acumen
Mask of Mutual Mystery
Nadezha's Cowl of Recovery
Necrosoul Cowl
Sagadeep Cowl
Scatterbloom Veil
Sorrowscale Shroud
Sorrowstream Hood … further results
Armor of the Banneret
Artisan's Forlorn Toga
Artisan's Toga of Embers
Balanced Brimstone Tunic
Bastion Plate of the Old Times
Bone Chilling Tunic
Chief's Garb of Blight
Coalescent Ice Cloak
Darkstorm Drape
Fatal Raiment of Fables
Forgotten Fire Armor
Harmonious Heart Armor
High Theropod Raiment
Howling Garment of Fire
Jerkin of Derring-Do
Lawful Thunder Jerkin
Mischievous Chac's Armor
Outfit of Mutual Mystery
Philosoraptor's High Robes
Raiment of Turbulent Tales
Robes of the Three Spirits
Stormstrife Tunic
Surcoat of the Wyrd
Surging Spirit Armor
Thunderfair Cloak
Thundering Ice Outfit
Transcendent Frostfall Toga
Tunic of Tragic Tolerance
Vile Armor of Versatility
Wretched Life Raiment
Ancestral Death Foot Dress
Armored Boots of Avalon
Artisan's Sandals of Vigor
Artisan's Stately Sandals
Blazing Cheetah's Gliders
Blistering Breeze Footguards
Boots of Doom and Gloom
Boots of Tragic Tolerance
Boots of the Cold Sun Pyramid
Boots of the Other Lizard
Chillgrave Footguards
Clogs of Cold Curses
Dark House Wraps
Eloquent Sandals
Everlasting Thunder Runners
Fabled Boots of Bane
Fantastic Footwear of Equity
Fire Lion Ravager's Boots
Footwraps of Legacy
Forest Hearth Boots
Freezing Flame Rangers
Frozen Footguards of Harmony
Frozen Tale Footwear
Harmonious Heart Greaves
Heart of Cold Hikers
Ice Burnt Footguards
Ice Croc's Heavy Waders
Icewind Shaman's Skaters
Illusive Flame Stalkers
Kin-Bound Sandals
Lawful Thunder Striders
Legendary Life Greaves
Lost Pyramid Walkers
Mukluks of Mutual Mystery
Royal Storm Boots of Azteca
Shoes of Secret Storms
Snowstorm Boots
Spotted Fire Leopard's Pads
Stalkers of Humility
Stormfire Rangers
Transcendent Sparking Sandals
Valiant Boots of Firewalking
Walkers of the Hungry Dead
Walking on the Sun Boots
Wildgrave Striders
Wintersoul Striders
Wintery Wildbeest's Clompers
Wraps of the Three Spirits
Charm of Northwind's Armor
Earthquake Amulet
Empowered Talisman
Pearl of the Elementals
Sanctuary Collar
Sandstone Village Talisman
Smoking Vial
Token of the Underworld Sun
Triton's Torc
Vial of Judgement
Artisan's Spear of Furor
Artisan's Sunflare Spear
Doom Mace
Hammer of the Stone Sky
Transcendent Numbing Spear
Courtly Dirk
Horn-Handled Knife
Imperial Blade
Knight's Blade
Morgantine Twin Blade
Band of Desert Mirages
Cinnabar Calendar Ring
Circle of the Lords of Night
Coatl Earth Mother's Ring
Long Count Ring
Ring of Awakening
Ring of Xibalba
Ring of the Diabolica
Silver and Jade Serpent Seal
Sky Knight's Challenge Ring
Zed's Ring of the Dead
Zelda's Signet of Guidance
Arched Tombstone
Azteca Altar
Azure Azteca Column
Bumbler Bed
Bumbler Bench
Bumbler End Table
Bumbler Honey Box
Bumbler Honeycomb Table
Bumbler Pollen Box
Bumbler Throne
Burrower Bed
Burrower Bench
Burrower Bookshelf
Carved Atlatl
Conga Drum
Dino Bed
Dino Pillar
Dog Biscuits
Female Mannequin
Floor XL Castle Block
Floor XL Inlaid Azteca Block
Gold Azteca Column
Gold Place Setting
Large Starry Tent
Marble Watch Tower
Obscure Codex
Outer Yard Tapestry
Serpent Obelisk
Solar Decoration
Spired Bed
Staircase Azteca Block D
Stairs-Ceiling Castle Block
Tapestry to Pigswick Academy
Tea Set
Tiki Statue
Vault-Backed Chair
Wall-Post Short Azteca Block
Wall-Post Short Castle Block
Wyrm-Footed Bookshelf
Wyrm-Footed Dresser
Wyrm-Style Endtable
Savage Paw
Treasure Cards:
Donate Power
Shield Minion

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