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Reagent:Fish Fin

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Card image
Card Text
A Fish Fin
Sell Price40 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 44000720
5 - 92800640
10 - 242000560
25 - 391600480
40 - 741360400
75 - 1241120320
125 - 159880240
160 - 224760200
225 - 299640160
300 - 399560120
400 - 49948080
Can Transmute Using:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Bitter Chieftain's Helm
Frozen Breath Shroud
Pachyderm's Hat of Zeal
Armor of the Banneret
Biting Cold Dream Jacket
Biting Winter Shaman's Skin
Burning Cold Garb
Chief's Garb of Might
Cloak of the Great Spirits
Eye of the Storm Gear
Great Lionfriend's Jacket
Knightly Armor
Longcoat of the Wold
Pachyderm's Hearty Robes
Robes of the Icewind Doctor
Shivering Breath Robes
Stout Coat of Black Ice
Wildgrave Garment
Woodwarden's Outfit
Abiding Spirits Fabled Boots
Armored Boots of Avalon
Ashen Snow Striders
Blazing Cheetah's Gliders
Blistering Breeze Footguards
Bold Doctor's Nightmare Boots
Boots of Grandiosity
Boots of Living Legend
Burnt Shoes of Balance
Chillgrave Footguards
Clogs of Cold Curses
Cursed Clogs of Curiosity
Darkstorm Stalkers
Double Rainbow Boots
Eloquent Sandals
Epic Ice Runners
Everlasting Thunder Runners
Eye of the Storm Guards
Fabled Boots of Bane
Fantastic Footwear of Equity
Fatal Footgear of Fables
Fire Lion Ravager's Boots
Firedreamer's Footguards
Footwraps of Legacy
Forest Hearth Boots
Freezing Flame Rangers
Frozen Footguards of Harmony
Frozen Tale Footwear
Gravestorm Walkers
Great Adventurer's Greatboots
Greaves of the Banneret
Haunted Versatility Walkers
Heart of Cold Hikers
Ice Burnt Footguards
Ice Croc's Heavy Waders
Icewind Shaman's Skaters
Illusive Flame Stalkers
Impala's Graceful Dancers
Kin-Bound Sandals
Lawful Thunder Striders
Legendary Life Greaves
Leopard's Boots of Dark Juju
Longdreamer's Tall Tale Boots
Mukluks of Mutual Mystery
Noble Boots of the Ancestors
Pachyderm's Robust Boots
Pyro's Carefree Boots
Riders of the Storm Rangers
Scorched Shoes of Sorrow
Shoes of Blazing Bolts … further results
Arcane Ampul
Crisp Choker
Fervent Charm
Forsaken Pendant
Pendant of Pandemonium
Proportional Pendant
Seal of the Seven Seas
Shaka's Tamed Serpent Choker
Silver Rose Pendant
Ursine Gold Band
Valor's Blood Necklace
Maelstrom Deck
Cosmic Kris
Courtly Dirk
Garnet Bear Claw
Horn-Handled Knife
Knight's Blade
Mantis Slicer of Assurance
Medicating Claw
Argent Rose Ring
Band of the Great Apes
Circle of Lion's Honor
Drum Jungle Shelter Ring
Elephant's Tusked Loop
Gripping Ring
Horned Ring
Kinsman's Bond
Lion's Seal of Pride
Morgantine Signet
Olyphant's War Ring
Shield Circle of Zamunda
Silver Petal Band
Stellar Signet
Three-Lobed Seal
Triskelion Band
4 Wall Cube Castle Block
Azteca Canoe
Celestian Bookshelf
Celestian Magician Statue
Celestian Sconce
Celestian Tree Sprig
Celestian Warrior Statue
Celestian Wishing Well
Cephalopod Obelisk
Clam Chair
Crab Chimney
Crab Claw Statue
Crab Lean-To
Crystal Street Lamp
Outrigger Paddles
Roof Corner Azteca Block
Roof Corner Castle Block
Stained Glass Castle Block
Star Chalice
Tapestry to Celestia Base Camp
Wall Square Azteca Block
Water-Mole Table
Water-Mole Torch
Windowed Tower Castle Block
Transmute Scales
Goat Monk
Luminous Weaver
Treasure Cards:
Fire Dragon
Power Nova
Storm Lord

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