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Card image
Card Text
A sample of Ectoplasm
Sell Price3 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 425045
5 - 917540
10 - 2412535
25 - 3910030
40 - 748525
75 - 1247020
125 - 1595515
160 - 2244813
225 - 2994010
300 - 399358
400 - 499305
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Blazing Hat of the Opus
Blustery Hat of Legend
Brighthonor Mantle
Chilled Coif of Acumen
Chimerical Flux Hood
Cloudguard Coif
Cowl of Twin Thunder
Cowl of Weighty Grief
Cowl of the Spirit Stream
Dreamwarden Hat
Everfrost Hood
Fabled Shore Mantle
Gloomwarden Coif
Great Adventurer's Fiery Brim
Honorbane Shroud
Hopespring Shroud
Icycalm Coif
Mantle of the Lost Torrent
Mythic Cap of the Shore
Puzzling Veil of Stasis
Rainy Veil of the Lacuna
Scatterbloom Veil
Sheltering Storm Cover
Shroud of the Glowing Fable
Sleetward Shroud
Sorrowscale Shroud
Thundering Hood of Stasis
Thunderward Cap
Veil of the Frozen Hero
Zealous Cap of the Gale
Balanced Coat of Legend
Bright Surcoat of the Paragon
Burning Bitey Cloak
Coat of Blazing Honor
Coat of Mordant Myth
Cryptflame Cloak
Drape of the Missing Answer
Dreamfire Cloak
Duskfire Vestment
Eloquent Drape
Enigmatic Robe of Grief
Fire Valley Chief's Garb
Firebloom Jerkin
Firefrost Cloak
Flamesign Robe
Flamesoul Cloak
Flarefrost Longcoat
Floodfire Coat
Hailfire Jerkin
Hornbound Tunic
Horned Vestment
Ingonyama's Burning Robe
Laughing Skull Wrap
Longcoat of Legacy
Longdreamer's Smoking Skin
Lost World Armor
Mirthful Tunic of the Cipher
Philosoraptor's High Robes
Poet's Robe
Radiant Cloak of Exuberance
Robe of the Essence Flurry
Robe of the Grim Calacas
Robes of the Blazing Sun
Robes of the Three Spirits
Simmersleet Cloak
Soul Legend Coat
Stormcaller's Medicine Cloak
Stormfire Vestments
Surcoat of the Spirit Fire
Tunic of the Vivid Opus
Underworld Garb of Fear
Vigorous Cloak of the Squall
Vivid Coat of the Mirage
Wildgrave Garment
Winterflame Cloak
Woodland Tribal Coat
Wrought Steel Sheath
Wyrd-Walker Coat
Zealous Tide Surcoat
Zesty Robe of the Blizzard
Banded Boots
Blazing Desert Striders
Bleak Cipher Striders
Blighted Wraps of the Mirage
Boots of Grim Elan
Boots of Icy Composure
Boots of Peerage
Boots of Starfire
Boots of the Charred Leaf
Boots of the Desert Trader
Boots of the Grimfreeze
Charnel Rain Striders
Crackling Footwraps of Eternity
Desolate Boots of Vigor
Dreambrand Footwraps
Emberflood Shoes
Firetide Striders
Frosted Boots of Legend
Frostguard Boots
Frostsage Boots
Gloomchill Boots
Gravestorm Walkers
Hornbound Boots
Icebark Striders
Icebloom Sandals
Merchant's Tundra Walkers
Sandals of Embassy
Sandals of Frostmourn
Shoes of Gallows Humor
Shoes of the Funeral Pyre
Shoes of the Harmonious Soul
Sky Dreamer Dancers
Smoldering Sandals of Ash
Snowy Sandals of Sorrow
Soulful Footwear of the Grave
Storm Stalkers
Stormfire Rangers
Stormtide Sandals
Thunderchill Striders
Vivid Footgear of Discovery
Walking on the Sun Boots
Woodland Tribal Striders
Woodwarden's Shoes
Zoudica's Flame Boots
Argent Rose Seal
Cold Wind Charm of Zamunda
Heroic Torc
Cinder Mandibles of Sardonyx
Courtly Dirk
Horn-Handled Knife
Knight's Blade
Possibility Dirk
Ring of Desert Blazes
Balustrade Lg Castle Block
Balustrade Long Azteca Block
Bumbler Honey Bowl
Bumbler Honey Cup
Bumbler Honey Jar
Bumbler Honey Pot
Crane Obelisk
Exquisite Dining Table
Fancy Bumbler Honey Jar
Fancy Counter
Floor Md Castle Block
Floor Md Inlaid Azteca Block
Floor XL Castle Block
Floor XL Inlaid Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling Lg Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling Lg Wood Block
Floor-Ceiling Sm Castle Block
Framed Krokosphinx Photo
Ironbound Dresser
Md Flr-Clg Azteca Block B
Ornamental Stepstone
Portrait of Lydia Greyrose
Pot of Soup
Roof In Corner Castle Block
Roof Inside Corner Azteca Block
Round Stone Column
Secret Passage Castle Block
Square Clocktower
Staircase Azteca Block B
Stairs Narrow Castle Block
Storm Tablet
Stout Bumbler Honey Pot
Tall Bumbler Vase
Tapestry to Aquila Gardens
Tapestry to Bazaar
Tapestry to Pigswick Academy
Tapestry to The Oasis
Tiki Totem
Tower Corner Castle Block
Wall Corner Azteca Block
Wall Corner Castle Block
Wall Secret Azteca Block
Weapon Rack
Wyrm-Footed Dresser
Wyrm-Footed Table
Balance Whirlwind
Death Whirlwind
Fire Whirlwind
Ice Whirlwind
Life Whirlwind
Myth Whirlwind
Storm Whirlwind
Transmute Spider Silk
Large Ice Cream
Treasure Cards:
Dream Shield
Meteor Strike
Spirit Trap
Tower Shield

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