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Card image
Card Text
A rough Diamond
RarityRare Harvest
Sell Price10 Gold
Bazaar Buy / Sell Prices:
0 - 41000180
5 - 9700160
10 - 24500140
25 - 39400120
40 - 74340100
75 - 12428080
125 - 15922060
160 - 22419050
225 - 29916040
300 - 39914030
400 - 49912020
Found as a Rare Harvest from Ore in:

Dropped by Normal Harvest:
Can Transmute Using:

Quest Reward From:

Sold by:
Card Packs:

Granted by Interacting With:

Gardening Sources:

From Fishing Chests in:

Dropped By:

Used In These Recipes
Artisan's Frigid Laurel
Artisan's Stately Laurel
Boneleaf Hood
Bright Hat of the Paragon
Brighthonor Mantle
Cloudguard Coif
Coif of the Fair Winds
Cowl of Weighty Grief
Cryptflame Veil
Desert Trader's Shroud
Dreambrand Headwrap
Duskwind Hat
Embermuse Hat
Fireleaf Cap
Flamesoul Mantle
Frosted Cap of Legend
Frostmourn Cowl
Frostsoul Hat
Gentlewise Cowl
Ghastly Mantle of Mystery
Gloomwarden Coif
Grimblaze Cowl
Hailfire Headgear
Hailstone Hood
Hat of Answered Questions
Hat of Blazing Honor
Helm of the Ordered Spirit
Hood of Desert Rains
Hood of Harmonious Trade
Hood of Icy Composure
Hopespring Shroud
Icebloom Hood
Iceruin Cap
Lifegrave Hat
Merrygale Headwrap
Neverwinter Coif
Puzzling Veil of Stasis
Raintree Headwrap
Shadowsong Shroud
Simmersleet Hat
Sleetward Shroud
Sorrowgale Hat
Surging Hood of Wisdom
Thunderchill Hood
Thundermuse Cowl
Trader's Wintery Mantle
Transcendent Frostfall Laurel
Transcendent Laurel of Demise
Vigorous Cowl of Invention
Winterflame Hood
Abiding Spirits' Vestments
Armor of Avalon
Armor of Starfrost
Armor of the Cold Sun Pyramid
Artisan's Forlorn Toga
Artisan's Toga of Embers
Bastion Plate of the Old Times
Chief's Garb of Honor
Cold House Chac Armor
Forest Hearth Tunic
Glider Armor of Stability
Glider's Starfall Armor
Kin-Bound Surcoat
Plate of Peerage
Raiment of the Cataclysm
Raiment of the High Road
Robes of Radiance Reborn
Robes of Starfire
Silvertongue Smock
Transcendent Spirited Toga
Transcendent Toga of Sparks
Tyrant of Winter's Armor
Weight of the World Cloak
Woodland Tribal Coat
Artisan's Sandals of Vigor
Artisan's Stately Sandals
Boots of Wyldfire
Bright Wing Boots
Cold House Chac Boots
Horned Walkers
Lost World Claws
Poet's Footwraps
Ravenous Sun Shaman's Boots
Silvertongue Sandals
Transcendent Noble Sandals
Transcendent Shoes of Wisdom
Woodland Tribal Striders
Moon's Grace Necklace
Pearl of the Elementals
Sun King's Amulet
Terrible Sun Amulet
Trader's Snowdrift Charm
PatternDancer's Hand
Winter Lord's Stacked Deck
Artisan's Spear of Furor
Artisan's Sunflare Spear
Transcendent Scalding Spear
Transcendent Spear of Nerve
Golden Eagle's Razor Beak
Gripping Ring
Horned Ring
Long Count Ring
Raptorial Sentry's Loop
Ring of Apotheosis
Silver Petal Band
Stone of the Wave Tamer
Triskelion Band
Wintertusk Ring of Valor
Carved Stone Tower
Celestian Tree Sprig
Celestian Warrior Statue
Crimson Scroll Stand
Customizable Wizard City Sign
Fancy Counter
Floor Md 2 Story Castle Block
Floor-Ceiling XL Azteca Block
Floor-Ceiling XL Wood Block
Framed Krokosphinx Photo
Male Mannequin
Peaked Chair
Pointy Bumbler Weapon Rack
Professor Ambrose
Regular Keeper Aquarium
Sharp Bumbler Weapon Rack
Ship in a Bottle
Solar Rug
Square Clocktower
Tall Flr-Clg Azteca Block B
Tapestry to Crescent Beach
Tapestry to The Basilica
Tooth Jar
Tower Corner Castle Block
Tower Music Box
Water-Mole Table
Brimstone Revenant
Handsome Fomori
Treasure Cards:
Krampus (Treasure Card)
Spirit Armor

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